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This error is caused by a security feature introduced in Windows 10 (1803). This is to prevent malware from overwriting your personal files. Here’s how to fix the problem: Open the Windows Start menu, type Controlled Folder Access, and click the result when it appears.



[{“Product”: {“Code”: “SSLVMB”, “Label”: “SPSS Statistics”}, “Business Unit”: {“Code”: “BU053”, “Label”: “Cloud Platform and Data Platform “},” Component “:” Not Applicable “,” Platform “: [{” Code “:” PF033 “,” Name “:” Windows “}],” Version “:” Not Applicable “,” Edition “:” “, “Industry”: {“Code”: “LOB10”, “Label”: “Data and KI”}}]


  • Issues with permissions or user profile can cause this issue.
  • If Windows Defender considers Setup to be unfriendly, it can prevent the creation of files and folders.


This issue can be resolved by running Setup from a mapped drive letter.

1. Cancel the workstation setup program by clicking the Cancel button in the error message and then clicking Cancel in the installation wizard.

2. If you haven’t already, follow our instructions to map a drive letter for your LandFX folder.

3. Copy the setup64 file to the LandFX folder on the designated drive.

1317 an error occurred

Can’t find the installation file? You can download it here: