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Simple And Complete Solution For Spyware Protection



Sometimes your system can generate an error indicating that spyware is completely safe. This problem can be caused by a number of reasons.




Total Safety is committed to serving others and fulfilling its mission: W3 … to ensure the safe well-being of employees around the world. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have developed new strategies and solutions to help you create a safe environment for your employees in line with CDC guidelines. Our new COVID-19 service offerings are supported and led by our Medical Director. We have trained and equipped teams ready to help you with any problem on site.

Personal Control Kiosk

We now offer a HR management solution with the ability to record and analyze body temperature. The tablet is a discreet, hands-free temperature control solution that helps protect the health and safety of staff and guests by preventing people with high temperatures from entering your facility. Watch our video showing all the features including: face detection, nose detectionWhether the person has a mask, warnings to add when people with high fever or people without access try to enter the room. ‘institution.

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Fire Retardant Mask

Protect your personnel by providing your employees with high quality Category 2 fire protection masks. Our 100% cotton products are breathable and durable in industrial washing machines at high temperatures. We have a headband and are tied to the CDC. The CDC says wearing a mask can help stop the spread and prevent possible exposure to the coronavirus by preventing particles from entering the air when the wearer speaks, coughs or sneezes. Using a mask prevents people from touching contaminated surfaces and then their faces, and also prevents the spread of the virus.

  • CAT 2 protection category: ATPV 10.6 cal / cm2
  • Proeaten by 6.5 ounces. 100% cotton FR interlock jersey
  • 5.3oz 100% non-fire cotton jersey liner for added protection and comfort.
  • ASTM F1506, NFPA 70E, OSHA 29 CFR1910.269, CAN / CGSB 155.20, CAN / CGSB 155.22.
  • UL Certified NFPA2112-2008
  • OEKE-TEX 100 Standard
  • Durability in industrial washing machines at high temperatures.
  • One Size
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    Medical Checkpoints For COVID-19 On Site

    Our Comprehensive COVID-19 Medical Examination Stations have been developed in conjunction with our Medical Director in accordance with CDC guidelines and are your first line of defense in containing the risk of the spread of the COVID-19 virus in your facility. Our trained and qualified inspectors carry out comcomprehensive examinations using a special health examination for COVID-19 for everyone who comes to the construction site. We assess each person for fever and visible signs of illness. With medical resources, your employees can work safely. Read more.

    • Trained and qualified control staff.
    • Door control so you know who is entering your establishment.
    • Temperature control devices
  • COVID-19 Medical Research and Surveillance
  • Data collected in a confidential manner
  • COVID-19 instructions and logs, be respectful
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    COVID-19 Intelligent Infrared Scanning Technology:

    Updatehealth check stations with our smart infrared scan services. Our thermal imaging technology allows one person to effectively and accurately monitor large groups of people entering your facility. Smart Scan IR thermal imaging technology reads body temperature in real time as participants pass in an organized manner. This allows workers with normal temperatures to quickly reach the site and reduce waiting times. Total Safety’s IR Smart Scan technology and our trained technicians will help you combat potential COVID-19 intrusion into your facility. Read more.

    • Our intelligent scanning system uses German technology combined with FLIR lens technology manufactured in the USA.
    • Effective: the system checks several people at the same time and speeds up the assessment process.
    • Extremely accurate to ± 0.3 ° C / 0.5 ° F
    • Onsite staff trained in the latest COVID-19 virus assessment protocols in accordance with the strictest guidelines.
  • You have complete control over who enters your institution andtricks that our team must follow beyond the usual testing services.
  • Real time monitoring, alerting and recording
  • Identify participants with fever, while respecting worker confidentiality.
  • Installation and maintenance of all devices and technologies included
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    COVID-19 PCR Test

    Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and antibody testing are two of the most common methods for testing SAR-CoV-2 viruses that cause COVID-19. PCR tests are used to directly detect the virus. Total Safety has the resources and capabilities to offer PCR testing to all of your employees (learn more). Our qualified medical team will provide all the necessary resources to create a testing center for PCR testing.Total Safety has worked with multiple laboratories across the country to deliver patient results quickly. In most cases, we can provide results to the patient within 72 hours of delivery to the laboratory. This saves valuable time when an employee is quarantined and unable to work. Our COVID-19 PCR tests can be configured to work in conjunction with antibody tests.

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    Screening For COVID-19 Antibodies

    COVID-19 antibody testing is essential to get your employees back to work! Total Safety helps you assess your entire workforce with a quick and easy finger test that provides simple positive or negative COVID-19 antibody values ​​in just 15 minutes. Your employeesThe beds can be quickly removed to get to the work site. You can be sure that they do not pose a threat to the spread of the virus.

    If a person tests positive, our trained medical staff will immediately advise them and advise on recommended next steps, including a printout of the result, which can be used for further testing at a third-party healthcare facility. learn more

    • Tests for antibodies to COVID-19 for markers of immunity in blood with ~ 94% accuracy
    • Hurry up! The results are easy to read and give a positive or negative result within 15 minutes.
    • Paramedics / Ambulance onsite. Onsite staff are trained in the latest COVID-19 antibody testing protocols and can advise employees with positive results.
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