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Various Ways To Fix ActiveX Repair Tool



If your PC has an ActiveX Repair Tool error, you should check out these troubleshooting methods.

Double-click the Internet Explorer icon to open the web browser.Click the Tools drop-down menu and select the Manage Add-ons option.Click the View drop-down list and select Loaded Controls.Click the ActiveX control you want to repair.




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By default, Internet Explorer disables execution of unsigned ActiveX controls.

While this is an important security measure in Internet Explorer, if you are confident about the website If the feature is trustworthy, you can temporarily disable this security feature so that the website can run the required ActiveX and re-enable security later.

How to disable this feature:

sure. Open Internet Explorer and clickTools – Pparameters of the Internet.

PressSecurity tab – custom level button.

vs. UnderActiveX makes sure the following elements are enabled

Run ActiveX and Plugins – Enabled

II. Load Signed ActiveX Control – Enabled

iii. Scripting ActiveX Controls Marked Safe for Scripting – Enabled

re. Set the following to “Hint”

Download Unsigned ActiveX Control – Command Line

II. ActiveX Initialization and Scripting Controls Not Marked Safe – Command Line

activex repair tool

Click OK and then Apply and OK.

Restart your browser.

You can now run ActiveX controls on the website.

When you’re done, optimize Internet Explorer and see if that helps.

How to optimize Internet Explorer

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