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Troubleshoot And Fix Adding A Printer To A Windows Server 200 Print Server



If you receive the error message “Adding a Printer to a Windows Server 200 Print Server”, this User’s Guide is here to help you.



  • 4 minutes to read.
  • This step-by-step article explains how to set up Windows Server 2003 as a file and print server.

    Original product version: Windows Server 2003
    Original Knowledge Base Number: 325860

    What IsPrint Management?

    PrintManagement is a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) snap-in thatThis option allows you to install, view and manage all printers.Your organization from any Windows Server computer. Press onThe manual provides up-to-date status informationPrinter and print server on the network. You can use print managementto simultaneously configure a printer connection to a group of client computers.Print management can help you find printers with an errorusing filters. It can also send email notifications or run scripts.when the printer or print server needs attention. For printer modelsWhen you areWhen you broadcast a web page, print management has access to additional data.B. Toner and paper levels can be controlled from the remote control.Locations, if necessary.



    This section uses screenshots from Windows Me.

    Prepare printer sharing settings:

    1. From the [Start] menu, select [Settings] -> [Network and Dial-up Connections].

    For Windows XP: From the [Start] menu, select [Control Panel], then click [Network and Internet Connections] -> [Network Connections].

    For Windows Server 2003: select [Control Panel] -> [Network Connections] -> [Local Area Connection] from the [Start] menu and go to step 3.

    2. Right-click the local area connection icon and select [Properties] from the pop-up menu.

    3. Make sure [File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks] is selected, and then click [OK].

    Printer Sharing Settings:


    In Windows XP, the printer cannot be shared on the network with the default settings (settings immediately after installation).

    To set up printer sharing, you need to run [Network Settings Wizard] to enable sharing settings. See the Windows online help for more information.

    adding a printer to a windows server 200 print server

    1. Open the [Printers] folder or the [Printers and Faxes] folder.

    For Windows 2000: From the [Start] menu, select [Settings] -> [Printers].

    For Windows XP Professional / Server 2003: From the [Start] menu, select [Printers and Faxes].

    For Windows XP Home Edition: From the [Start] menu, select [Control Panel], then click [Printers and Other Hardware] -> [Printers and Faxes].

    2. Right-click the icon for this printer and select [Share] from the pop-up menu.

    3. Select [Published As]. Change the share name if necessary.

    For Windows XP / Server 2003: Select [Shared Accesspk to this printer].


    a. You can also configure sharing options during local installation.

    b. Do not enter spaces or special characters for the share name.

    4. If the client is using Windows 98 / Me, click [Additional Drivers].

    If no client is using Windows 98 / Me, click [OK]. The printer icon changes to a shared printer icon, and the printer sharing settings are complete.

    5. Select the [Windows 95, 98