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I Have A Problem With Adobe Flash Player #error # 2035



The most common and popular Adobe Flash Player alternative is HTML5.




adobe flash player #error #2035

No specific video, not sure if this is happening on other sites.

Extension in Firefox: Changes in Ubuntu

Firefox Plugins: Cisco Systems OpenH264 Video Codec

Shock lightning

DivX Web Player

Search iTunes Apps

QuickTime Plugin 7.6.6

VLC multimedia plugin (compatible


Video 3.10.1)

Windows Media Player 10 Plugin

(compatible; videos)

I have not installed any of them, they are all standard and they are

all updated.

What Are The Reasons For Error # 2035?

This error probably only occurs in Mozilla Firefox. If you’re using Firefox as your default browser, check your videos with another browser (like Chrome) to see if you’re getting the same error.

The error is caused by various reasons:

  • Error in Mozilla Firefox browser
  • The video you want to play is missing / removed from YouTube.

Development Methods [edit |

Flash Player applications and games can be created in two different ways:

  • Flex Applications: The Adobe Flex Framework is an integrated set of stylish graphical interfaces faces, data management tools and network components. Applications that are created additionally are called “flexible” applications. Startup time is shortened as the Flex framework has to be loaded before the application is launched and weighs in at around 500KB. Among the editors are Adobe Flash Builder and FlashDevelop.
  • Pure ActionScript applications: Applications built without a Flex framework provide increased flexibility and performance. [54] [55] [56] Video games developed for the Flash Player are usually pure ActionScript projects. For pure ActionScript projects, such as MadComponents, various open source component frameworks are available that provide UI components with significantly smaller SWF file sizes. [57] [58]

Both methods give developers access to all Flash Player features, including text, vector graphics, bitmap graphics, video, audio, camera, microphone, and more. AIR also includes additional features such as file system integration, native extensions, integration with nativedesktop and hardware integration with connected devices.



How do I turn my adobe flash player on?

Open the website where you want to enable Flash. in the website address bar in the upper left corner. In the drop-down list that appears, select Site Settings. In the menu that appears next to Flash, select Allow.

How do I fix Adobe Flash Player on Firefox?

Disable Flash Protected Mode
  1. Click the menu button, click. Add-ons and select plugins.
  2. Find Shockwave Flash in the list of plugins and click the Options button.
  3. Clear the Enable Adobe Flash Protected Mode check box.
  4. Click the menu button, then click Exit.
  5. Restart Firefox.