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I Have A Problem Troubleshooting Ant Sshexec





Themes define the look and feel of Windows XP. Themes let you change the look of your desktop, the appearance of the icons, and the screen saver, including the use of different sounds.

Windows XP has several themes built in, and you can download them from various places on the Internet. In this guide, we will show you how to change the theme in Windows XP ® .

Right click anywhere on your desktop then select (left click)


in the menu that appears.

The “Display Properties” window will appear (see Figure 1.1 below).

Click on the little arrow we showed above and you will see a list of topics to choose from.

As you can see in our example, we have 5 options:

My current theme = your current settings.

Windows Classic = If you’re used to older versions of Windows, this is good and familiar.

Windows XP = standard theme.

More topics on the Internet .. = allows you to search the Internet for other topics.

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Browse … = If you have saved themes on your PC eg. For example, if you downloaded one, select that option and navigate to the folder where you saved it or.

Once you have selected your theme, you can preview it by clicking the “Apply” button. When you are satisfied with your chosen theme, just click OK.

You can use the Save As button to save the current theme (for example, if you manually made changes to a predefined theme).

The Delete button allows you to delete unnecessary themes.

Introduction: Changing The PC Theme (Windows XP)

Well … most people want to change the subject …

But all you have at the end is a classic Windows 98 theme



You can do this in Vista or Windows 7 as well, but why when they still have beautiful themes?

Step 1. Patching The Theme

We can’t do anything without this detail, so be careful

Follow this link: www.softpedia.com/get/System/OS-Enhancements/UXTheme-MultiPatcher.shtml

Click the DOWNLOAD button

After downloading, restart your computer

. Step 2. Upload Your Designs

Go to www.deviantart.com/

On the left under “CATEGORY” select the CUSTOMIZE option




Then select the theme you want and download it.

Step 3: Activate Themes

After loading your theme, you should have something with an icon in the image somewhere in your theme folders. Execute. Click OK and you’ve just changed the subject.

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