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Having Trouble Finding Viruses On Your PC?



In the past few weeks, some readers have come across an error message familiar with the Antivirus PCscan popup. There are many factors that can cause this problem. Now let’s talk about some of them.



Many internet users fall prey to this tactic and end up falling for the bait. The main purpose of these pop-ups is to spy on victims’ online activities and obtain valuable information such as credit card, bank details, etc.


Why Are Popups And Redirects Displayed In My Browser?

You see pop-up ads in your browser because you are infected with adware or another website is redirecting you to it.

antivirus-pcscan pop up

This guide is designed to help Windows users remove malware from their devices. So if you’re just looking for a way to block pop-up ads or ads on a specific website, you can use a free browser extension like Adblock.

As far as adware is concerned, this malware is bundled with other free software that you download from the Internet. Unfortunately, some free downloads do not sufficiently indicate that other software is being installed Gram software, and you may find that you have installed adware without your knowledge. After adware is installed on your device and you browse the Internet, malicious websites will redirect your browser to detect unwanted ads.

Here are some typical signs that you have adware on your system:

  • Ads appear where they shouldn’t be.
  • Your web browser home page has mysteriously changed without your permission.
  • The web pages you usually visit are not displayed correctly.
  • Links to websites lead to websites that do not meet your expectations.
  • You will see browser pop-ups recommending bogus updates or other software.
  • Other unwanted programs may be installed without your knowledge.
  • You should always be careful when installing software because the software installer often includes additional installations. Be very careful with what you agree toinstall.
    Always opt for a custom installation and disable anything unfamiliar, especially additional software that you never intended to download and install. It goes without saying that you shouldn’t install software that you don’t trust.

    To scan your computer or phone for malware and remove it for free, use the guide below.

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    How to stop pop-ups on a Windows 10 computer in 4 ways

    Open Settings from the Edge options menu. …Activate the “Block Pop-ups” option at the bottom of the “Privacy