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Solving The Problem With Bad_pool_header






Issue: How to fix the BAD_POOL_HEADER blue screen error on Windows?

Hello, I need help with the BAD POOL HEADER blue screen error. After restarting, it will reappear (sooner or later). Should I be worried? This is really annoying because sometimes a blue screen appears when I am doing something on my PC and I stop whatever I am doing. Really unpleasant. Please help?

Answer solved

BAD_POOL_HEADER is a [1] blue screen of a fatal error that causes a Windows computer to shut down and restart, which is a common BSOD feature. While in some cases this behavior stops after restarting the PC, other catastrophic crashes can occur and recur. Invalid pool header is one of the problems that is unlikely to be resolved until the appropriate fix is ​​applied.

On older Windows systems such as XP and 7, users encountering the BAD_POOL_HEADER error will see a lot of technical details about this issue. Since most users don’t make much sense with the release of Windows 10, this data has been removed in the BSOD. The resulting Bad Pool Header error displays the following general information:

There is a problem on your computer and needs to be restarted. We just collect error information and then restart for you (0% done)

If you want to know more, look for this error on the Internet later: BAD POOL HEADER

To troubleshoot the Bad Pool Header error, the first thing to understand is what it actually means, since there is not much information in the BSOD message. This code indicates that Windows has encountered a problem using the [2] API and allocating memory for a specific task, that is, it has problems with memory management. Consequently, the Windows system cannot handle all the tasks that use the hard disk or memory.

How do I fix an invalid pool header?

There are several reasons for BAD_POOL_HEADER, includingle:

  • Software conflict
  • RAM problems
  • Disk corruption
  • [3] driver problems
  • Hardware error, etc.
  • While you should be able to fix the Invalid Pool Header error without any major difficulty – we provide several solutions below, and you should use them step by step – in some cases hardware replacement may be required. Some hardware components, such as B. RAM, can fail over time rather than completely fail overnight. For this reason, an incorrect pool header may indicate something serious.


    The pool is already corrupted at the time of the current request.

    This may or may not be related to the caller.

    Fix “0x00000019” On Windows

    Solution # 1: Check Your RAM

    bad_pool_header with

    If the error is caused by bad RAM, check it with the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool.

    Do this:

    1. Click Start.
    2. Enter Memory Diagnostic Tool in the search box.
    3. Right clickmouse memory diagnostic tool.
    4. Select Run as administrator.
    5. Follow the instructions to start the diagnostic process.

    If Windows Memory Diagnostics does not work, you can also use the Easy Recovery Essentials automatic recovery feature, which allows you to check your RAM, hard drive and processor in one go:

    1. Download Easy Recovery Essentials
    2. Burn ISO image. Follow our instructions to burn a bootable ISO. If you need a USB recovery drive instead, follow our instructions for creating a USB recovery drive.
    3. Start Easy Recovery Essentials.
    4. Select automatic repair
    5. Click Next and wait for the automatic repair to complete. The automatic repair process will report any problems found with your hard drive or RAM:

      EasyRE: hard drive failure