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Troubleshooting Bbwin Debugging The Easy Way



If you’ve noticed bbwin debugging, this guide should help.



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(v0.13) on over 20 new Windows servers for one of my clients, and I ran into a few flaws that I found worth discussing here.

Read on to find out about some of the BBWin and Xymon tips and tricks I learned along the way.


Try increasing the MAXMSG_STATUS value in ~ server / etc / hobbitserver.cfg:

 MAXMSG_STATUS   Maximum size of the "Status" message in KB, default: 256. Status   Messages are displayed as columns in the web view. in   The default size should be sufficient in most cases, but with some extension   Scripts can generate very large status messages - around 1024KB.   You should only change this if you see any messages in the hobbitd log   File with truncated status messages.

limit = 262144 is 256KB. You can divide the n value by 1024 (508634/1024 = 496), then set MAXMSG_STATUS = “500” and restart the Hobbit server.


 On Wednesday 3 May 2006 at 15:43:19  0200, Dominic Freese wrote:> Hello,>> ---- hobbitd.log ----> 2006-05-03 12:34:27 Oversized data / customer message truncated from> (n = 815825, limit 524288)> First line: Godzilla | Sunos"godzilla" - the Solaris host - sent too large a "client" message because815825 bytes. The Hobbit has a client size limitThe message is 512 KB in size, so the message has been truncated.> [bb (at) iris hobbit] $ cat clientdata.log> 03-05-2006, 12:34 pmThe other process died with exit code 0 and was terminatedIt is interesting. If the truncated message prompted hobbitd_client to do itAlarm I was expecting a different exit code. I have to checkhow to handle truncated messages.> How could this happen?I don't know, but it looks like this is the case.> Was this corrected in the last snapshot?Probably no. Which version are you using?> Which workflow is dead? (hobbitd_client still works)It will be automatically restarted by Hobbitlaunch.Henrik
  • We need to figure out why the client hb message is too large. As shown below, we found that we have a msg. *. The TXT file is larger than 512KB. This is unusual for scanning system BB messages.
 bash-3.00 # wc msg.k206.test.com.txt    7943 55662 611936 msg.k206.test.com.txtbash-3.00 # ls -l msg.k206.test.com.txt-rw-r - r-- 1 hobbitc hobbitc 611936 May 2 18:35 msg.v04k206.test.com.txtbash-3.00 #
  • Further investigation revealed that the [ports] section of the msg. *. txt contains too many results from the two “netstat -na” commands.
 bash-3.00 # grep netstat /opt/hobbitclient42/bin/hobbitclient-sunos.shnetstat -rnEcho "[netstat]"netstat -snetstat -na -f inet -P tcp | Tail  3netstat -na -f inet6 -P tcp | Tail  5bash-3.00 #