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Problems With A Bootable USB Hard Drive With Windows 7?



Following are some simple methods that you can use to troubleshoot Windows 7 USB bootable hard drive error.

If you’re on Windows 7, use Rufus to create a bootable USB drive. I think the operating system on the flash drive is not recognized and then it goes to the next boot device, the hard drive, and therefore shows an error. Start Rufus and select MBR as your partition scheme. Leave everything as default.



Reasons – Why Is Your Bootable USB Stick Not Working?

If you’ve configured your computer to boot from a bootable USB device, but it doesn’t work, you need to find out the exact reasons first. Then choose the correct solution to make your USB drive bootable again without any problems.

Find out why your bootable USB is not working:

  • USB format is not supported.
  • USB is not bootable.
  • Bootable USB is not recognized as bootable device.
  • Bootable USB stick is not displayed or recognized in BIOS.
  • You are stuck in the start menu and have no intention of continuing.
  • Unable to boot from USB, even with the correct boot option.

Resolving “boot Disk Error” In Windows

Fix 1: Change BIOS Boot Order

Follow these instructions to check your computer boot sequence:

  1. Restart your computer.
  2. Open BIOS. If you are not sure which key to use to open the BIOS, thiswill be one of the following or the first screen that appears on the monitor before the Windows logo appears. Possible keys: Esc , Del , F2 , F8 , F10 or F12
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