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Easy Way To Troubleshoot BSOD Bccode 51 Problems



Over the past few days, some of our readers have encountered an error with bsod bccode 51. This issue can occur for several reasons. We’ll cover them below.

As far as your dump is concerned, it is REGISTRY_ERROR (51) error. This indicates a problem with the registration or configuration manager. An I / O error could have occurred when the registry tried to read one of its files (due to hardware or file system corruption).



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It can be tricky when something is not working as it should on your computer.For error checking, REGISTRY_ERROR is set to 0x00000051. This indicates that a serious registration error has occurred.Let’s try to narrow it down to find out what exactly is causing this problem and try to fix it.

Please help me with the following information on this issue:

  1. What is your make and model?
  2. When exactly do you get a blue screen? Is it when accessing an application program or at startup?

Since you mentioned starting the computer in safe mode, no blue screen appears. I recommend starting your computer in Safe Mode first and then restarting and checking.

Clean Boot can help resolve software conflicts and determine the root cause of the problem. Restart your computer correctly following the instructions in the link:


Follow all the steps in this link and try to find The application or service causing this problem. Please note that a clean boot does not solve the original problem. It just helps us understand the reason problem.

Note. Read the “How to restore your computer to start normally after troubleshooting with a clean restart” section in the Knowledge Base article to start your computer normally. after solving the problem.

I recommend that you follow the steps in the following link:

Fix Stop (Blue Screen) Errors in Windows 7

bsod bccode 51


Chkdsk DisclaimerImportant: when running chkdsk on a disk, if bad sectors are found on the disk, when chkdsk tries to recover this sector, if there is data in stock on which you could get lost.
Note. Be sure to back up your data before checking the hard drive.
For more information on backing up and restoring the registry, visit the following link:
Make a backup copy of the registry http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Back-up-the-registry

System Restore Disclaimer: Applications / programs installed since the last restore point will be lost. You may need to reinstall the application / programs.

Note: Skip the step of reinstalling Windows 7 from the link above.

Please let us know the status of the problem so we can help you.

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Method: Using Startup Repair

  1. You will receive a message stating that you must press any key to boot from the installation media. Press any key when you see this.
  2. After the installation media starts, click Repair Your Computer.
  3. Choose your operating system – if you have more than one, it is important to choose which one you want to fix. You can easily identify which disk / partition it is installed on.
  4. Select Startup Repair. Follow the instructions and letthe master to do his job.
  5. After that, stop running into the problem and you won’t get the horrible BSOD again.

This is one of those bugs where simple fixes don’t work, but you’ll have to let Windows fix it yourself with built-in tools. Fortunately, the steps for this are detailed in the method above. So follow them to get your system up and running again.

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