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Microsoft Office Outlook Won’t Start? A Software Error Has Occurred. Fix It Right Now



If you find that Microsoft Office Outlook does not start, a program error has occurred. This user manual should help you. Locate the Outlook.exe file on your computer. Right-click the Outlook.exe file, select Properties, then click the Compatibility tab. If any of the check boxes in the Compatibility tab are checked, uncheck it and choose Apply> OK. Restart Outlook.



cannot start microsoft office outlook a program error occurred

Hello mill

Thanks for posting your question to the Microsoft community. According to the error message you mentioned, it looks like you are having problems with Outlook. Let me help you with the problem.

Before I start troubleshooting, I need more information about this issue:

  1. What type of account is set up in Outlook? (POP / IMAP / Exchange)
  2. What security software is installed on the computer?

Make sure you have the latest 2007 Office service pack installed.

This issue can occur if any of the following items are damaged:

  • Outlook Navigation Pane.
  • Outlook profile.
  • Data file.
  • Add-ins are not supported.
  • To fix this Outlook related issue, you can follow these steps and see if it helps:

    Step 1:

    Open Outlook in safe mode and check if the problem occurs.

    • Press and hold Windows key R.
    • Copy and paste them or enter the following command in the Opened field and press Enter:

    Outlook / Safe

    Note: there is a space between Outlook and /

    If Outlook works as expected in Safe, you can disable add-ins and check the result using the following link:


    Step 2:

    You can also try resetting your navigation bar and see if the problem occurs.

    1. Press and hold the Windows key R.

    2. Copy and paste or enter the following command in the boxOpen the field and press Enter:

    3. Outlook / resetnavpane

    Note: betweenOutlook and /

    Step 3:

    If the above steps did not help, restore your Outlook data file and see if it helps:


    Hope the above suggestions help you. If you need more help on this particular topic, or any other Office related topic, let us know and we’ll be happy to help.

    Thank you.

    What Prevents Microsoft Outlook From Starting? Outlook Window Won’t Open. The Fileset Does Not Open. Error

    The main issue with this error is that Outlook won’t open. After trying to start Outlook, the cursor only loads for a while before the error pop-up appears. All you can do is click OK and ask yourself what’s next.

    While the exact cause of this error is unknown, Microsoft has reported an issue that leads to it. As a result, the root cause is your Outlook profile file corruption, an XML file with your Outlook name.

    Another reason might be that Outlook is trying to run in Compatibility Mode, or that you are using a profile (PST or OST) file created in an older version of Outlook that has been deleted or corrupted.

    No one knows exactly how to corrupt these files without malicious attacks, but it does happen and you need to fix the errors. Our solutions from the next section are sure to help you recover Outlook no matter what the cause of the error.

    Before fixing this error, please be aware that you may need to have access to an administrator account to complete all of the steps below.Events. If the account you are currently using does not have administrator rights, you will need to change it in the settings.

    Method 1: Make Sure Outlook Is Up To Date

    I know this is a cheap solution, but this is an obvious first start. If you have a license for an older version of Outlook (for example, 2007 or 2010), you should be aware of some compatibility issues with Windows 10. Additionally, Microsoft may have already released a hotfix that exactly fixes the problem. The same problem you have. Once again.

    It is also possible that Outlook will refuse to start because it does not work well with your version of Windows. An easy solution to this problem is to install the latest updates for Microsoft Office and Windows. Please note that Outlook is updated with Microsoft Update. So make sure you have installed the latest updates in your Windows settings. Here’s what you need to do:

    1. Open the taskbar and find the Settings app. Once you find it, double click on it.
    2. Now click on Windows Update (under Update