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Tips For Adjusting The Commercial Building Renovation Checklist



Over the past few days, some readers have reported that they have come across a checklist for cleaning commercial construction sites.

  • Clean the walls.
  • Dust covers and ceiling fans.
  • Clean siding, skirting boards, window frames and doors.
  • Vacuum carpet.
  • The floors are clean and polished.
  • Wipe down all windows.
  • Remove all headlights and lamps.
  • Remove and discard all waste.



YesYou plan to offer structural cleaning services to developersand the builders?

All constructionsWebsites have one thing in common: they create a mess! itOpportunity for an existing cleaning service (or other)types of related businesses such as construction or landscaping).

To increase profitsYou can offer your cleaning services cleaning servicesNew buildings, new residential complexes, hotel buildings and shopsDistrict projects. Can also be assembled in the living roomperiodic work after cleaning.

attention to detailall renovated, this is the firstImpressions. These are new buildings and the goal is to impress themnew tenants. If you do this, you will impress the home builders in your area.and the word will spread. It’s hard to find a quality buildCleaning, be the best and you will be very good.

cleaning afterBuilding and renovating is a great way to add valueYour cleaning business, keep your staff busy, diversifyYour services and an increase in your total profit.

Hereprovides an overview of common cleaning tasks, which may not include all contractsthese processes, but it gives you an idea of ​​what they have to offer.

*denotes optional or alternating tasks


  • Dust removal (top to bottom)Low)
  • Dust coversand ceiling fans
  • Cleanse the wallsDust and wipe
  • Pure disguiseSkirting boards, window frames and door frames
  • Clean windows(Glass, rails, frame)
  • Remove allPaint, dirt and grime on the hinges *
  • Clear salonMasonry (brick, stone, marble) *
  • Vacuum belt
  • Vacuumedge
  • Clean floors(This may or may not include buffing, waxing, and sealing.)
  • Pure lightLights and bulbs
  • Dust handrailsFireplaces and other wood products
  • Clean insideCabinets, interior cabinets and shelves
  • Delete boxesand clear the bottom *
  • CleanBlinds / shutters
  • Delete andDispose of all waste
  • Delete andThrow away the protective film *
  • Blank pages andSov т on the door *
  • Cleanswitches and electrical outlets *
  • Remove the groundVents for suction ducts *
  • postsand done

    • Dust removal (top to bottom)Low)
  • Clear the doors
  • CleanThresholds *
  • Clean outsideThe lights
  • Vacuum and dustentrance
  • Sweep and cleanveranda
  • High pressure washingEntrance, veranda, terrace *
  • Kitchen

    • Dust removal (top to bottom)Low)
  • Vacuum cleaner, dust,and clean shelves and drawers
  • Clean wardrobeDoors, cabinet tops and glass
  • Wipe down the walls andFloors
  • Remove unnecessarySeals, glue and dirt from sinks / faucets *
  • CleanDevices inside, outside and below
  • spongeBackpack counters, edges and splashes
  • Remove allPackaging, plastics, labels and disposables *
  • Bathroom

    • Dust off(from top to bottom)
  • CleanCabinets inside and outside
  • CleanExcessive compaction, glue and dirt on sinks / faucets
  • CleanBathroom
  • Wipewalls
  • CleanMirrors and glass and chrome
  • deleteToilet, Bath, Sink Stickers *
  • deleteAll packaging, plastic, labels, tapes, tapes, etc. and thrown *
  • commercial construction cleanup checklist

    Utilities / Laundry

    • Dust off
  • CleanCabinets inside and outside
  • CleanDevices inside, outside and below
  • Scanning/ Vacuum floors
  • Wipeclean the oven, water heater and other utilities
  • garage/ Storage

    • Dust off
  • CleanCabinets inside and outside
  • Scanning/ Vacuum floors
  • Wipeclean the oven, water heater and other utilities (if any)
  • MiscellaneousFocus

    • deleteall stickers
  • Scanningand wipe all the edges
  • EssentialOil splashes (let it smell clean!)
  • Always clean the topdown!


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    What Is Post-construction Commercial Cleaning And What Does It Include?

    Post-construction commercial cleaning means bringing a commercial property to a condition suitable for use and use after construction, refurbishment or renovation.

    This is most commonly done by cleaning companies for commercial building owners who will be using the building. Additionally, as recommended by PropertyCashin in its Guide to Selling Commercial Real Estate, this is an important step in preparing a building for advertising and display.

    Thorough cleaning after construction often helps homeowners to significantly increase their valueOwn property. This is why post-construction cleaning is one of the basic pre-sales activities that every real estate professional follows.

    Post-construction cleaning requirements include:

    The right cleaning equipment and accessories

    • Large residue removal
  • Hazardous waste disposal
  • Clean the interior of the building.
  • Clear the outside of the building.
  • Cleaning And Polishing Bathrooms

    Okay, cleaning the bathroom isn’t all that inconvenient after cleaning up after construction, as bathrooms were not usually used. But still – who wants to bend over and remove the toilet? You might not, but we will because we want every building we clean to look, feel and smell like new. That’s why we not only clean toilets and sinks, but also polish them to achieve the perfect shimmery white.



    What do I need for post construction cleaning?

    Required tools, supplies and equipment
    1. High performance trash bags.
    2. Brooms (preferably corn and pushing)
    3. Dust containers.
    4. Workshop vacuum cleaner, high performance vacuum cleaner and / or backpack vacuum cleaner.
    5. Upholstery cleaning tools.
    6. Mop bucket and wringer.
    7. Mop heads.
    8. Bucket.

    How do professionals clean a house checklist?

    Wipe dust off all surfaces including furniture, appliances, baseboards, chair railings, blinds, window frames, fans, railings, paintings, mirrors, and light fixtures. Keep switches, outlet covers, fronts and cabinet doors clean. Vacuum all carpets. Sweep or vacuum hard floors and wipe with a damp cloth.

    How much should I charge for post construction cleaning?

    Building renovations cost an average of $ 446, with a median range for housing costs ranging from $ 275 to $ 657. Large projects or projects with multiple visits can cost up to $ 3,000. They spend $ 0.10 to $ 0.50 per square foot, or $ 30 to $ 50 an hour on a travel card to clean each location.