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Do You Have A Compilation Error In A Hidden Module?



This user guide lists some of the possible causes that can cause compilation errors in the hidden module thisworkbook office 2003. Next, I will provide you with possible solutions that you can try to solve this problem.



After searching repeatedly for answers to this problem, I finally got this idea … If anyone other than me still has this problem, I hope this helps.

Excel displays “Compilation error in hidden module: this workbook” when opening or closing.

This error occurs due to corruption of 2 Excel files.

To prevent the error from occurring:

In Windows XP, open the following folder:
C: Documents and Settings USERNAME Application Data Microsoft Forms, where USERNAME is the current user

In Windows 7, open the following folder:
C: Users USERNAME AppData Roaming Microsoft Forms, where USERNAME is the current user

Once the folder is found, delete these 2 files


Excel should now open without an error message.

compile error in hidden module thisworkbook office 2003

Note. Excel will create two new files (with the same name) in the folder, but they will not be damaged.

Why Does A Compilation Error Appear In A Hidden Excel Module?

Microsoft is updating Office 2016 from 32-bit to 64-bit. This error message “Compilation error in hidden module” usually appears when there are 32-bit versions available There are some Office Dome add-ins that are incompatible with the most recent version.

The most common cause of this error is when certain conditions are met:

1: MS Excel launch folder if both template files are included in the Adobe Acrobat PDF Maker add-in:


2: Norton Anti-Virus software is installed.

Now that you know the reason that is causing the compilation error in the hidden Excel module. Let’s start with solutions to fix this error.

How To Fix Compilation Errors In Word / Excel?

  1. Update Adobe Acrobat
  2. Run Stellar Repair for Excel
  3. Move the Pdfmaker files to another folder
  4. Re-register OCX files using command line
  5. Update your Norton antivirus software.
  6. Uninstall Norton software



How do I get rid of Compile error in hidden module?

5: “Compilation error in hidden module” Module 1


  1. Select the file that was not saved correctly in Excel.
  2. Press Alt F11 to access the Visual Basic Editor file.
  3. From the Tools menu, select Links.
  4. Scroll down to the Available Links box and uncheck everything that starts with NONE:

How do you fix compile error in Excel macro?

The problem can be solved as follows:
  1. Open a database or application.
  2. Open the module in Design view, or press Alt F11 to switch to the Visual Basic Editor.
  3. From the Tools menu, select Links.
  4. Uncheck the box for the type or object library marked as “Missing”

How do I find hidden modules in Excel?

Then click the “View” tab. Check the “Hidden Objects” box in the upper right corner. It should work. Then, to make things easier, right-click the module, select Properties, and clear the Hidden check box.