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Troubleshooting Tips Unable To Load Java Virtual Machine Error



Over the past few weeks, some readers have told us that they are unable to load the Java Virtual Machine bug.

JVM error often occurs when Java needs a larger overall maximum heap size. Users have fixed the issue by increasing the maximum amount of RAM allocated for Java. Users can do this by setting up a new Java system variable as described above.





Matthew Adams

Windows and Software Expert


Java Virtual Machine fatal exception for some users when trying to run Java software. Minecraft users are familiar with this problem.

could not load the java virtual machine error

Full error message: Failed to create Java virtual machine. Error: A fatal exception occurred.



Matthew Adams

Windows and Software Expert

  • Many users describe the same. Java virtual machine error could not be generated when starting the application
  • Before reinstalling Java, you can try setting up a new system variable for Java to see if it matters.
  • Even if you’re having this problem with Minecraft, things won’t change when you try other Java-based applications.
  • To get moreFor quick fixes like the ones described here, visit our troubleshooting center.

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As a result, the Java program will not work. Here are some possible fixes for the fatal errorThe actual Java machine.

What Causes The Error “Failed To Create Java Virtual Machine?”

We investigated this particular issue by examining various user reports and troubleshooting strategies they used to resolve the same error message. Based on their findings, there are several scenarios that cause exactly this problem:

If you are currently looking for a way to resolve the “Unable to create Java virtual machine” error, this article has several troubleshooting strategies covered. Here is a set of methods used by other users in a similar situation to solve a problem.

For best results, follow the methods below in order until you find a method that can effectively resolve the error for your specific scenario.

Solutions To This Error

  • Click Windows and Pause to open Control Panel.
  • Click “Advanced System Settings” on the left.
  • Click here Environment Variables.
  • Select the New option under C “Dark variables”.
  • Enter “JAVA_OPTIONS” for the variable name.
  • Enter “Xmx256M” as the variable value.
  • Click OK twice.

These steps will increase the memory footprint for Java, allowing Minecraft to run smoothly!


A balloon message is displayed for this error.



Is no longer a supported option error could not create the Java virtual machine?

How to fix Windows Error 2
  1. Enter “Java” in the search box. Then select Java and click Remove to uninstall it.
  2. After uninstalling Java, restart Windows.
  3. Go to the Java download page to get the latest version.
  4. Open the Java config file to install the latest version.

Could not find a valid Java virtual machine to load you may need to reinstall a supported Java virtual machine?

“Cannot find a valid JVM to load. You may need to reinstall a supported JVM. ” To fix this problem, you need to add the Java JRE bin folder location to the path system environment variable. Add the Java JRE Bin folder location at the end of the value field as shown below and click OK.

What is virtual machine error in Java?

Java. long. VirtualMachineError is raised when the JVM encounters internal errors or resource constraints that affect its functionality. It is a self-defense mechanism used by the JVM to prevent the entire application from crashing.