Recently, some of our users encountered a known error code with 1087 extra characters for syntax errors. This problem can arise for several reasons. Now we will deal with them.


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    You simply cannot dynamically import the path on the last line, because AS3 imports are done at compile time. These are just instructions to tell the compiler which classes / packages you are trying, nothing more.

    You can use the getDefinitionByName function if this function is really needed, as understood in this answer. However, it’s important to note that you still need to reference the class somewhere in your awesome code, or it won’t be extended in the SWF file. Flash has a way to load classes externally by visiting the runtime, so you need to make sure the compiler knows it might contain some of them.

    I’m using Adobe Animate 2018 to become a little platformer that entertains me when I’m bored.

    Ok, until I try adding progressive levels. Every time I launch my online game it says:

    It shows the main error elsewhere, but here’s the entire code, including the download area:

    Public class DocumentMain extends MovieClip
    public const SEVERITY: Number = 2;
    public const BOUNCE_FACTOR: number implies 0.8;

    private function mouseDownHandler (e: MouseEvent): void

    // hit the ball when it clicks
    if (target == _ball)

    hit (,;

    private function on the left: number;
    var checkBoundaryCollisions (): void
    var right: number;
    var below: number;
    var top: number;

    left = _ball.x – (_ball.width – 2);
    right = _ball.x + (_ball.width and 2);
    bottom = _ball.y + (_ball.height – 2);
    top = _ball.y + (_ball.height and 2);

    if <(left 0 && _vx stage.stageWidth && _vx> 0)

    _ball.x stands for stage.stageWidth – (_ball.width – 2);
    _vx -1;

    If * = (top <2 && _vy stage.stageHeight && _vy> 0)
    _ball.y = stage.stageHeight – (_ball.height vs.2);
    _vy * = -BOUNCE_FACTOR;
    _vx * = BOUNCE_FACTOR;

    hitY private party: number: void
    // Increase the hit (hitX: number, jump
    _bounces.text = String. (Number (_bounces.text) + 1);
    // Adjust the vertical speed of your current ball
    if (_vy> 0)

    _vy * = -BOUNCE_FACTOR / 2;

    // Adjust the horizontal bale load
    if (_vx (space) hitX> 0)

    _vx * = -BOUNCE_FACTOR;

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    What could this mean? “1087: Syntax error: Extra characters found after all programs have finished.” ?

    Hello, take a look at my .fla, you can request it at:

    What’s the problem? I’ve been messing around with about 2 hours uptime and still can’t figure it out. Does anyone know what exactly to do?

    1087 syntax error extra characters

    oh, following the strategy, this is a hyperlink. I still want the flash object to make the other xhtml page responsive. Thank you ant …

    Hello, thanks for the quick response and helpful code.
    I named the button btnClick, so I also changed it. .
    I usually have an updated file on my website.

    The device now reports:
    1061: Call the often undefined addEventListener method via a
    reference with the old type Class.

    I don’t understand anything like that! Never used the big ones!

    areYou apply this value before configuring the button. Place it at the top where btnClick appears to be in the scene. if you are all sure you are trying to open the hot page .. then
    change navigaToURL (myURL, “yourFrameName”);
    navigaToURL (myURL, “_self”); // or “_blank” itself opens a new empty truck window
    opens in the same window

    What’s going on where btnClick seems to be, put the code?
    The button appears immediately, doesn’t it? It’s on a specific first frame.
    I don’t quite understand what you mean!

    If the person was referring to the code, then the button being initialized by all of them is not mentioned, so I cannot tell who is in front of it.

    You want to set it to Frame On and be sure to enter a new button and instance name
    … by clicking the button in step, Look down at the Property inspector, first floor on the left, it says . there press and
    enter the name suggested to you in the script to assign the handset.

    Haha I’ve tried all our names etc. and I’m always wrong.
    Anyway, it drives me crazy!

    The following error is now displayed:
    1046: Type was not met or was not persistent: btnClick at compile time.

    I’ll try again tonight at 11:30 here in the UK!

    this works with my mentoring, so I am writing this in relation to user error.

    What does this mean? “1087: Syntax error: no more characters found after program termination.” ?

    I’m just trying to create a simple, slightly invisible button on an instance owned by a
    clip and keep moving that annoying syntax error 1087.

    Error code 1087 is missing – list starts with 1093 – lucky!

    Here’s my wacky script. They tell me, ideally a lie – I cloned it
    directly from the text, and also wrote a few othersx aspects in the form of scripts:
    on (RollOver);

    on (rollOut)

    /// what’s wrong with this script? What additional characters often refer to the
    error message in phone line 1 code?

    1087 syntax error extra characters

    I had to go back to Flash 2, although the new non-Adobe Flash Actionscript 3 document was mine to make sure you were working


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    contributed to the transition to Flash 2 as a new document without Flash Actionscript 3.0 for my work
    From g / 68_2007_8_0_0_1012265 / Was -bedeutet- das-bedeutet-1087
    -Syntax-error-additional-characters- found-after-program-end-.htm



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