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    If you see error code 512 error server sql on your computer, you should check these suggested solutions. g.Error 512: The subquery returned more than one value compared to 1. This will not be accepted if the subquery follows = ,! Equals, <, <=,>,> = pro if the subquery is recommended as an expression.




    When I right click on my SQL Server Enterprise Manager and just select the restore command, I get the following error message:

    Error 512: The subquery returned more than one value. This is invalid if the subquery follows = ,! = ,,> = Or simply, if a subquery is used with respect to an expression.

    If you usually think of one of the benefits of an outer query, but some subqueries return more than one value in this case, this is an error prone type.


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    select * from table1 t1.where = (select on table2 t2 … where =

    This error occurs when the subquery returns more results than any single occurrence of

    But … it looks like the error often occurs in EM – after right clicking on the database, select “All Tasks” and then “Restore Database”. This is right?

    512 error server sql

    If you are not happy as a single person, you will not be happy in a relationship.

    1 – You can get a profiler trace when you run this command. You must enable it to see the SQL or unused procedure causing this error. Then figure out what the subquery should be referring to and clean up any companies involved. This will force someone to modify the msdb tables, and then everything should work again.

    2 – Use the entire “recovery database” from the T-SQL command to rely on GUI-Back-EM. I’ve learned a lot lately to “never trust my GUI”. SQL BOL examples to perform each restore this way (using T-SQL). You need to know under which backup on your hard drive this backup is located. By default, it is less than “C: Program SQL files microsoft Server MSSQL BACKUP” (replace C: with the drive where SQL Server was installed).

    Run the profiler as suggested by go1 to see why the problem is occurring.

    It looks like one of the processes in the table “Re “Back Up …” in the MSDB contains almost all problem entries or scanned images are corrupted. Have you had any problems with a backup that failed halfway? Rebuild the “Backing Up …” indexes in the MSDB as needed.

    Would it be helpful to know which version of SQL Server are you still using?

    Have you fixed a specific bug? I get this error too and move on. Please let me know if you find an answer.

    And if EM defines @B, every second subquery gets the maximum restart date for the database “database_Name_here”. If the audience has multiple restores with exact date, time (second and millisecond), our own result is a combination of “backup_set_id” and no other value, so EM will run 512.Run error


    in this query against all databases on the server, this method is rerunning this important error.



    Message Text

    The subquery returned more than one value. E But if the subquery is invalid and follows = ,! =, <, <= And>,> =, or if the subquery can be used as an expression.


    If a subquery of an expression returns more than one specific result,it violates the user’s relational rule for the outer request, andError 512 is raised. An example of a proverb subquery that returnsthe result follows:

    1> select * in table_one where back button =2> (select sum (a) table_two3> w where = table_one.y)4> forward

    An example related to a query that returns more than a result, andraises the following error 512:

    512 error server sql

    1> use ads 22> select go1> author.au_id comes from authors where2> author.au_id means (select titleauthor.au_id3> by author name)4> forward
    Message 512, 16, Level 1:Line 1:The subquery returned more than one value. It is illegalif the next subquery is,! =, <, <=>, that> = or whenthe subquery is used as an expression. Law


    for problem in example use “ in ” inlinked to location “ = “as an example implementations:

    1> Select author.au_id from marketers who2> author.au_id to (select titleauthor.au_id From3> title author)4> forward
    au_id------------172-32-1176213-46-8915   .   .899-46-2035998-72-3567(Affected 19 lines)

    Additional Information

    For more information, see the chapter Using Subqueries: Queries InOther Queries “in the user’s Transact-SQLInstructions.

    Versions In Which This Error Occurs



    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.