Sometimes your computer may display a message with the account lockout event ID. There can be several reasons for this problem.


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    Event ID 4740 is generated on domain controllers, Windows servers, and workstations whenever a bank account is blocked. Event ID 4767 is generated whenever a website is unblocked.

    How A Lepide Active Directory Auditor Account Resolves Lockouts

    Lepide Active Directory Auditor (part of the Lepide Data Security Platform) generates an account lockout report that displays event information on a single line. When someone right-clicks an event, the tree menu displays the following options; ‘Unlock’, ‘Reset password’ and therefore ‘Investigate’.

    Event 4738 is obviously fired whenever a client object changes.

    Explain Account Lock Event IDs?

    Meeting IDs Specify the numbers assigned as tags to identify these events in the event log. The account lockout event IDs are very helpful in analyzing and investigating that specific background, user reasons, and root causes associated with an account lockout scenario.

    What Happens During A Lockout?

    For What is the cost of an incorrect password for an account, the domain controller on which it is authenticated redirects the request type to the domain controller, which performs the new “PDC Emulator” role. The PDC emulator always stores the most commonly used account password and optionally double-checks the provided password against its running database. If the value is false, the PDC emulator increments the badPwdCount portion of the account attribute, and some invalid logins are logged in the correct security event log. When the given badPwdCount reaches the account lockout threshold, the domain controller locks the provider, logs an event with idtor 4740 (more on this later) in its security report and notifies other domain controllers of the lockout status. The key here is that any lock is assumed to be known to the PDC emulator.

    Find Out Why The Account Was Suspended And Why You Are Using PowerShell Or Netwrix Auditor To Suspend It.

    Locking an Active Directory account after several failed authentication attempts is a common policy in the Microsoft Windows work environment. Lockouts can occur for a variety of reasons, such as forgotten passwords, cached service credentials that have expired, domain controller replication failures, bad drive mappings, learning sessions from a terminal disconnected from Windows Server, and mobile phone access to Exchange Server

    account lockout event id

    Active Directory Account Lockout Policy

    I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest that your domain should have a passcode and account lockout policy. These recommendations should include recommendations on how many times an incorrect password can be entered before an account is locked out.but without blocking. Another thing when you’re done is how long the account will be automatically unlocked when it’s fixed. In the organizations I’ve been to, 5 failed password attempts and 30 minutes of auto-unlock seem to be the norm these days.

    How Do I Check Event Logs For Aircraft Locks? ?

    Domain account lockout events will most likely be in the security entry on the domain controller (Event Viewer -> Windows Logs). Home monitoring filtering log after event id 4740. You should see a list of your most recent account lockout events.

    Event ID 4625 (displayed in the Windows Event Viewer) documents each failed attempt to access the local computer. This show is generated on the workstation from which the connection attempt was made. A related event, Event ID 4624, documents successful logons.

    Active Directory Account Lockout Policy Domain

    Number of times an incorrect password was entered has been violated, you can specify an account lockout Group Policy setting that sets the permission specified in the following GPO: Computer Configuration > Policies > Windows Settings > Security Options > Policy Password > Lockout Policy account.”


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    You need to configure the main script to send an alert when a specific event (4740) occurs for your domain controllers. In my case, I created a scheduled task (Task for this. Remember that in order to log these types of events, you must enable security auditing policies in your controller domain.

    account lockout event id

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