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Active @ Boot Disk Creator helps you prepare the latest bootable CD / DVD / Blu-ray or USB storage device. This device is used to start a specific computer with a damaged hard drive, and to recover data, restore partitions, erase and erase data, create a graphical image of the hard drive, or troubleshoot secure access problems.

A bootable diskette is a removable digital storage medium from which an entire computer can load and run (load) an operating system or power program. [1] Your computer must have a built-in program that loads the program and simply runs it when you run a file that conforms to certain standards.

While almost any computer can boot from a mission-critical hard drive containing an operating device and other software, these are usually not called bootable drives (since they are not removable media). CD-ROMs are the most common forms of media in use, but other media as well, while magnetic or paper tapes, ZIP drives and, more recently, USB drives can be used. The computer BIOS must support booting certain devices from the device in question.

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You can buy your own boot disk (usually used in preparation if the engine does not start correctly). [2]


  • Installing the operating system
  • Data Recovery
  • Clearing data
  • Troubleshoot hardware or software problems.
  • BIOS flashing
  • Setting up a unified operating environment
  • Software Demonstration [3]
  • Work in a temporary corporate environment, such as using a valid USB drive. [4]
  • Administrative access in case of password loss is possible from a boot disk suitable for certain operating systems.
  • Games (for example, for Amiga Habitat computers)


The term “boot” comes from the idea of ​​removing boot devices yourself: [5] The computer contains your little program (bootloader) that can load a recognized program and start the boot device. This solution may even be for a short period of time, designed to load a larger and more powerful i-program, i.e. H. traditional operating system. To enable downloads, you need either a huge download A crushing device, or recording from a bootable media. To run the program, it is known that it is loaded from the system RAM as a RAM disk for storing temporary files.

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For example, any IBM PC-compatible computer with built-in software can load the contents of the first 512 bytes from almost any floppy disk and run it, if any. ‘permanent program; Boot disks contain a very, very large boot program in these bytes. The process may be disrupted; On accurately recorded floppy disks, a virus can be written to the first sector, which gently infects the host computer by forging a floppy disk in the drive.


active boot disk wikipedia

Boot floppies (“boot floppies”) usually contain smaller versions of DOS or Linux for the PC. Most common floppy disks can only store 1.4 MB of data in the final standard format, making them impractical for booting large operating systems. Booting from floppy disks is reduced due to the availability of additional larger capacity options such as CD-ROMs and / or USB sticks.

Choice Of Modern Lipsswarms

A shutdown disk is a removable media with digital bandwidth from which a desktop PC can boot and run (boot) a very good operating system or utility. The computer must have a built-in tool that downloads and runs a reliable program from a bootable disk that complies with certain standards.

The PC is configured to try to launch the shoes from different devices in a likely order. If a computer barely boots from a device it wants to insert as a floppy drive, an attacker might have to enter BIOS setup function by pressing a super key when the computer is incredibly powered on (for example, Erase , < kbd> F1 , F10 f2 or F12 ), then change the boot sequence. [6] A more modern BIOS allows you to interrupt a completed phase of the boot phase and bring up the boot menu by pressing a function key (usually F11 or possibly F12 ) … This leads to the selection of boot devices.

Modern Apple Macs display any boot menu if the user clicks their own ⌠¥ option or Alt while booting the machine.


Different operating systems depend on different contents of the boot disk. All boot floppies must be compatible with the computers for which they are intended: DOS / DR-DOS

  • A

    ms-dos / pc applicable boot sector in Volume Boot Record (VBR)
  • IO.SYS and / or IBMBIO.COM

All files must be the same version of the main operating system. Optionally, full bootable disks can be created in one operation with the installed operating system; [1] The aspects are different.

  • specific hard disk boot sector
  • Bootloader such as SYSLINUX GRUB
  • Linux or kernel
  • Initial RAM disk (initrd)
Windows Preinstallation Environment
  • Windows Boot Manager
  • BOOT. See also
    • Darix Wim

    See Also Nuke Boat

  • Data Recovery
  • El Torito (CD-ROM Standard)
  • Live CD
  • Secure Domain Runtime Interface Extension Services
  • Automatic Download


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A boot disk, also known as a boot disk or boot disk, is defined as any digital camera media containing a marginal operating system that you can use, for example, to boot Windows and run your home program onbut on the move.