This article describes some of the potential causes that can cause Adium to fail in an electrical panel, and then describes various possible solutions to this problem.



adium error with the switchboard occurred

If there are families behind the proxy server, make sure that the information you specified on the Proxy tab in the room settings is correct. If you are not sure what you need to provide, contact your network administrator for information. If you are on your home network, you may not be behind a proxy server.

If a person uses a service like LittleSnitch that requires you to accept apps to connect to the world, check your Adium settings to make sure it is working fine. This is very common when a new service is configured for Adium while the firewall is running.

If you have questions about connecting to a service, see the following to restore default settings:

  1. Open account settings.
  2. Double-click the accounts that are experiencing problems and select the Options tab.
  3. Remove some of the “Connection Servers” and “Ports” and information, click “OK”.

This will restore the web server and offer a default option. If you still cannot log in, rememberFollow the troubleshooting tips or see a summary of a specific error below.

This happens when the server you are trying to connect to is offline or the connector you are connected to is blocked. This is usually a temporary problem, but it can also be a software problem. If you think you are far from a firewall, you very rarely can be from your ISP.

For your purpose, you can try changing my port to which Adium connects to “80” in these special account settings. The AIM server listens on every port, and since port 80 shouldn’t be blocked, you can probably connect at the end if it’s a firewall issue.

The Internet connection on which the account is set up cannot be canceled. This usually means that your DNS host is having temporary problems, and this is usually a problem that you cannot solve. It could also be due to a problem with your proxy device, or a misconfigured webset to connect. Take a look at the variantyou are above and try to fix it. Tools

This is usually the username and password combination that you use to log in. For all services except AIM, there will be no error message for you, but a separate message you will receive for an invalid username. You will need your username and password to confirm and try again.

Sometimes servers may only provide your credentials because they are invalid when they don’t. If so, then this is probably a completely new temporary problem that you will have to wait to fix on your own.

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