If an error occurs while initializing mapi Outlook Express Export on your computer, we hope these instructions will help you.


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    Better not to have permission to access “http://www.dell.com/support/kbdoc/en-us/000123518/why-email-and-contacts-will-not-export-from -windows-live- mail- or -outlook-express-into-outlook-2013-64-bit “to this server.
    an error occurred while initializing mapi outlook express export

    “For the past two years, I have been trying to import emails and settings of all users from my Outlook Express account in Windows XP to Outlook on my new Windows 7 computer. I need to export emails to my Outlook Express account. However, as far as the export fails, it is Outlook Express MAPI and I am getting a powerful error that the export failed. Error initializing MAPI. “I tried to change the Outlook Express settings, but the Outlook Express Mapi error, ie” Unable to export from Outlook MAPI view “, remains the same and I cannot continue. So how can I export emails from Outlook Express to Outlook? €

    Error Initializing MAPI Outlook Express

    Microsoft Outlook Express is a desktop-defined email client that ships with Internet Explorer on Windows Vista, XP and earlier. Subsequently, Microsoft discontinued technical support and development of this email client and, therefore Also, I removed it from my list of optimized products. Therefore, according to them, all users who have practiced Outlook Express for communication are beginning to become new and better email professionals such as Outlook, MS Outlook, etc. while facing various problems. This tutorial discusses an issue that users often encounter when exporting or importing email from Outlook Express, such as Outlook Express MAPI errors.

    Outlook Express Mail Export MAPI Error: What Is It?

    an error occurred while initializing mapi outlook express export

    When importing emails into Outlook Express, I sometimes get the error “Failed to initialize Outlook Express MAPI.” Also, when you try to move email, Express gets “Error exporting Outlook 6 MAPI messages.” Well, very often you encounter this Outlook Express MAPI initialization error. When this error occurs, all of the following conditions are met:

    1. When users tried to move emails, everything from Outlook Express to Outlook and Outlook was removed from the desktop before the emails were moved.
    2. If Outlook Express is frequentConfigures itself as the default client for a simple MAPI (Messaging Programming Interface) application.
    3. If this Express Outlook application got a serious virus that spread the infection and now restricts part of the import / export process.

    How To Fix Error Exporting Message From Outlook Express MAPI Not Working?


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    Here are some manual tricks that can help you resolve the “Outlook Express MAPI export failed” error:

    If you uninstalled Outlook directly from Outlook Express before exporting emails, and then received Outlook Express Mapi error, you need to reinstall MS Outlook. After that, try to export the emails caused by OE again and you will find that it fixes the “Outlook Express MAPI cannot initialize” issue.

    If you are trying to import or export emails from native Outlook Express and Outlook Express cannot export MAPI error messages, is it recommended to install Windows Live Mail application if MS Outlook is not already installed? in your program. This is because WLM allows reading Provide instant e-mail messages even when your computer is not connected to the Internet.

    Outlook Express failed while initializing Mapi export. The problem can also be resolved after changing the MAPI settings. To do this, you need to configure Outlook Express for the default MAPI client. This is required before importing goods. Follow these steps:

    1. Reload the configuration and open Outlook Express.
    2. Click Tools >> Options.
    3. Click Edit on this connection’s menu to open Internet Properties.
    4. Go to the Programs tab and select a great email client other than Outlook Express.
    5. Click Apply, then click OK >> OK.

    Last Decision

    If in a case where the manual method does not work for a human, “Error exporting from Outlook Express MAPI” cannot be fixed, DBX to PST Converter is the one-stop solution for you. The software is probably used to convert Outlook Express DBX files to PST / EML / and mbox, MSG file formats. After conversion you can access Outlook Express email from MS Outlook, Windows Live Mail and any other email client. It allows you to send DBX emails from fans with sentiments and converts DBX emails to delivery and helps you fix Outlook Express MAPI initialization errors. The software also performs the conversion of DBX files using Outlook on the system. Regardless of which version of Windows you are using, customers can download and use this device because it supports all versions of Windows and Outlook operating systems sold (both 32-bit and 64-bit).

    End Of Lines

    Outlook Express encountered an error while initializing MAPI, which is very common among problematic OE users. Here we have introduced some easy ways to fix Express Export 6 MAPI message error in Outlook manually. If users find it difficult to manually fix Outlook Express Mapi error, they can find a specific automated solution here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It’s just because of the settings in MAPI, and you need to change a lot to use it From these settings. To do this:
    Go to Internet Options in Control Panel.
    Choose “Programs” and just choose a program different from the original one. mail anywhere from Outlook Express.


    Your Express usually won’t receive email because there must be a problem with Outlook Express setup, internet connection, antivirus and then firewall. It is recommended that you know all of them and recognize the failure factor.


    There are problems with the settings of Outlook Express or other software installed on it. Close all applications, make changes to your system, and your Outlook Express will respond normally.

    Outlook Express cannot import the PST file to your site, but it can open the PST file manually in Microsoft Outlook.

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