Here are some simple methods that can help you fix archive error or problem 00257.

An incredibly working Oracle error database that might tell you you’re running out of logical or natural space on a mount, hard drive, or db_recovery_file_dest folder containing someone’s archived logs. If you receive this fatal error, your database will crash and prevent anyone other than admin level players from connecting to the database to perform maintenance and fix the problem.

The first step in solving this proposal is to log into the current server and see if you are running out of physical space. Move one of your hard drives, or perhaps even media. When you are short on physical space, you have several options. You can either set up personal archived logs to write to a new hard drive, or mount them with sufficient or vital With free space, you can back up your archived logs with a delete entry, or you can undoubtedly delete the archives when you archive the log to families who don’t need them to store your collection. I would recommend using rman for backup or delete, as this will keep your backup directory up to date and clean.

If your hard drive or installation has a lot of space for sports where the archived log files will be written to, you will need to connect to the database and find the logical space. What you need to do is run all of the following commands to find out where your archived logs are being successfully written and how much space you need to extract.

This command shows where your main archive logs will be written:

 SQL> parameter log_archive_destNAME TYPE---------------------- ---------- --- --------------- -------------------------log_archive_dest line / u01 / archivelog / orcl / 

If the “log_archive_dest” parameter is probably empty, you are probably using “db_recovery_file_dest” to store all of your archived files Cash. You can run the command from the next paragraph to get to this point.

 SQL> Get Settings for TV Show NAME TYPE---------------------- ---------- --- --------------- -------------------------db_recovery_file_dest line / u01 / fast_recovery_areadb_recovery_file_dest_size Amazing integer 100 GB 

If you are using Oracle 10g, 11g, or 12c, at least two options are displayed. The silent parameter ‘db_recovery_file_dest’ is where all your archived logs are written to, and the second parameter is the space you allocate for the most ineffective files, although some other files like backups, recovery logs, control file photos, etc. some other files can also be created here without specifying a specific location.

login as soon as perfect sysdba until it gets resolved. While archiving each of our Oracle databases, there was an error even when trying to re-archive the firewood. The most likely reason for this surprising news is that there is no more room on the target smartphone to buy a log file.

Please comment if this helped you resolve the ORA-00257: archive. Only log in until the problem is resolved. If you need further assistance, please contact us with an Oracle DBA Certified Support Professional.

SQL> SELECT * FROM V $ RECOVERY_FILE_DEST; You can see that SPACE_USED is the same as SPACE_LIMIT. If this is usually the case, you need to resolve the ORA-00257 issue by moving the organizational logs to a different destination.

ORA-00257 should be a common error in Oracle.You are commonBut you will see ORA-00257 when you enter the database, because you are definitely one of them.found a maximum in the Thumb Recovery Area (FRA) ordb_recovery_file_dest_size . First

Make sure your projected archiving is enabled. CheckNo need to archive anymore, try:

List of flags of the archive

Add much more space to the media that will host the new logs.Back up the logs via RMAN and delete the entries.Temporarily move the specific location of the archived log to a different mount / disk / location and additionally perform one of the steps described above.Clear archived logs unless we request the ability to restore each of ourdatabases.


Note that you can find saved destinations.if you are using actual assignment USE_DB_RECOVERY_FILE_DEST from:


SQL> parametersdb_recovery_file_dest;

The next step to mount the ORA-00257 isto find out what number is used for db_recovery_file_dest_size use:

archiver error ora 00257


You may find that SPACE_USED is of type. is anlike SPACE_LIMIT, if yes then ORA-00257 should really be allowedallowed by moving archived activity records to a different location.

Then you need to get the log files from

. archive

SQL> change system archive, check everything;

Consider replacing the RMAN CONTAINMENT POLICY. If you are familiar with Data Guard,Save recordings with RMAN to a tertiary device such as mp3. SAVE RESTORED ZONE.Add storage space and increase the db_recovery_file_dest_size parameter to. reflect a new space.Use the RMAN DELETE command to delete files that are not called.

It is important to note that in the fifth steppermission is ORA-00257, you can also use ORA-16020 in itLOG_ARCHIVE_MIN_SUCCEED_DEST and you must use the correct archive log pathand involve (note that you may have to take additional steps as youUsing the Flash recovery area because you will get more errors when trying to use itLOG_ARCHIVE_DEST):

SQL> modify circle block LOG_ARCHIVE_DEST_.= ‘location = / archivelogpath reopen’;

The final decision step in ORA-00257 is that youChange the authentication protocols with:

SQL> Modify the system change log file;

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Question. I am using Oracle Apps soORA-00257 error:

ORA-00257: Archiving error. Connect only internally, whilerid.

Answer. The oerr utility indicates that it is currentlyon error ORA-00257:

ORA-00257: Archiving error. associateinternal up to only, released.

Reason: ArchiverThe process encountered an error while trying to archive the log inrecovery. If the main problemis not resolved anytime soon, the database will stop performing transactions. thenThe most likely reason for this warning is a target with no room for the save the update log file.

Action: checkArchive fingerprint file for a detailed description of the entire problem. Also checkthat the specific device specified in the initialization parameterarchive_log_dest is correctly configured for archiving.

The rework is probably the responsibility of the Oracle background architecture process.Online logs system logs document and usually write them to a flat file

archiver error ora 00257

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