During the past few days, some readers have come across an atl.dll error message. There are a number of factors that can cause this problem. Let’s discuss it now.

Atl. The dll, also known as the ATL Module for the Windows NT (Unicode) File, was created by Cheetah Websites for the development of Microsoft (R) Visual C ++. DLL files are grouped into the Win32 DLL (Dynamic Link Library) file type category. Atl. Dll is found in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 8.

Atl.dll errors simply occur due to situations leading to the deletion or corruption of the atl DLL .

In all cases, atl.dll errors may indicate a registry problem , a virus / malware problem, or a hardware failure .

Atl.dll Error

Reboot your computer.Recover Deleted DLL File from Recycle Bin.Recover deleted DLL file with this free file recovery software.Perform a full scan of allCheck for viruses and malware.Use System Restore to undo the most recent system changes.

There could be various ideas that could cause atl.dll errors to appear on your computer. Some of the more common ways to view atl.dll errors are:

  • Application Atl.dll not found.
  • Failed to start because atl.dll was not found. Reinstalling the app may fix this problem.
  • Unable to find [PATH] atl.dll
  • The atl.dll document is missing.
  • Unable to start [APPLICATION]. A required component is missing: atl.dll. Reinstall [APP].

Since atl.dll needs to be in the System32 folder , you might see the atl.dll error if all sorts of things require this vital DLL file.

For example your message atl.Error dll may appear when using or installing certain routines, such as the web browser or this System Restore utility, during Windows startup or shutdown, or possibly or even during installation.

How To Fix Atl.dll Errors

  1. Restore atl.dll from the recycle bin . The simplest possible reason for the “missing” atl.dll file is that you accidentally deleted it.

    If you think that someone has accidentally deleted the atl.dll file, but you have undoubtedly emptied the Recycle Bin, you can restore atl. With a free file recovery program .

    Reinstalling the program can fix this actual problem. Office. dll is either far from working on Windows or may contain an error. Try installing the software again using your regular installation media, or contact your system administrator or software vendor for assistance.

    Recovering a copy of atl.dll with a large file recovery program is a good idea only if you are sure you deleted the file and know where it worked as expected before anyone else does.

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  2. Scan your entire system for viruses / malware . Some atl.dll errors can be related to a stress infection of your computer or other malware that has corrupted the dll file. It is even possible that the displayedI you dll atl.Error is related to malware disguised as a file.

  3. Use System Restore to undo recent system changes . If you suspect that the atl.dll error was primarily caused by a configuration change of an important file, or that a permanent System Restore might fix the whole problem.

  4. Copy the atl.dll file from another location on your computer . Windows keeps multiple copies of the file. If atl.dll is not present in the main folder C: Windows System32 (where the software should be), you should be able to find it elsewhere and then copy it to the System32 folder for use.

    On Windows 10 and other newer versions of Windows, the subfolder under C: Windows WinSxS most likely contains a copy. In Windows XP and possibly older Windows solutions, locate a copy of atl.dll in C: Windows System32 dllcache .

    You can search your entire computer system with a program such as All if you have problems with the search tool built into Windows.

    If you can get atl.dll in one of these many others withoutdangerous places, upload it to the System32 folder. Regardless of whether you see atl.dll somewhere or not, if it is not there, for example, on the desktop or in the Downloads folder, delete it immediately, as it is probably not the original copy.

  5. Reinstall the program that is using the atl.dll file . If most of the atl.dll dll errors occur during a specific training program, reinstalling the training program should replace the file.

  6. Update the owners of all devices that may be associated with atl to.dll. If you receive an error message “atl.dll file is missing” while playing a 3D video game, try updating the drivers for your video card .

    The atl.dll file may be related to graphics cards – this is just an example. The main thing in this article is to carefully study the background of each error and correct them accordingly.

  7. Rollback the corresponding driver to a previously installed version if the atl.Errors library started after updating the driver for a specific device.

  8. Run the system fa la sfc / scannow , which replaces missing or damaged contents of the atl.dll file. Since this single DLL file is provided by Microsoft, System File Checker can repair it.

  9. Install all available Windows updates . Many service packs and other fixes replace or update some of the hundreds of DLL files that Microsoft distributes on your computer. The atl.dll computer file may be included in one of these updates.

  10. Test yourself and your memory , then test your hard drive . We still have most of the hardware fixes on the market until the last step, but your PC memory and hard drive can be checked quickly and there are a large number of components that can contribute to atl.dll errors. They fail.

    Correct SMARTKEY. DLL errors automatically.Download SMARTKEY. DLL manually.Save SMARTKEY. DLL file.Run System File Checker to restore SMARTKEY. DLL error.Scan your computer for malware.Perform a System Restore to fix the corrupted SMARTKEY. DLL file.

    If the intruder fails any of the tests, replace the memory or hard drive as soon as possible.

  11. Repair your Windows installation . If the atl.dll troubleshooting tips above just don’t work, recovering fromAll Windows DLL files should be restored to working versions during startup or repair installation.

  12. Use a free registry cleaner to troubleshoot atl.dll related problems on your laptop or computer. A free registry cleaner will be able to clean all DLL atl entries. Invalid registry which may have caused the dll error.

    We sometimes recommend using registry scanners (find out why ours is in the Registry Cleaning FAQs ), but they are included here and are also a “last resort” before the next destructive step becomes inevitable.

  13. atl.dll error

    Perform a custom reinstallation of Windows . A clean fresh install of Will Windows will erase everything from your hard drive and restore a fresh copy of Windows. If none of the above steps helped you get atl.Error, dll, this should be your next course of action.

    All our information on your hard drive will definitely be deleted during a clean purchase. Make sure you do your best to fix the specific atl.dll file,specifying the error in the troubleshooting step before this step.

  14. Solve the problem with the device if the atl.dll error persists. After reinstalling Windows, the DLL problem can only develop in hardware.

atl.dll error

Don’t download atl.From dll good dll download website. There are usually many reasons why loading a DLL file is a bad idea . If you need a copy associated with atl.dll, your best bet is to get it from your original legitimate source.

Start Windows in Safe Mode . If you are able to access Windows normally due to the atl.dll error, follow all the steps pertaining to the steps below.

Restoring a deleted atl of.dll backup using a file manager is a good idea if you are sure that you have the lost file yourself and that it should have worked fine before.

If you can find the atl.dll file in any of these safe locations, go to the top and copy it to the System32 folder. However, if you find atl.dll elsewhere, eg. Delete it immediately as it is definitely not a real copy.

Data fileX atl.dll may or may not be related to video cards – this is just this example. The main thing here is to pay close attention to the error and correct it accordingly.

All information on your disk will be deleted during a full reinstall. Make sure you make the best possible recovery attempt if you want to use atl.dll with error, troubleshooting step before doing this.