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    If you have a bios Post Beep Code on your system, this guide should help.

    Each time the system is forced to boot, the BIOS performs some self-test. This test is called “POST” which stands for “Power On Self Test”. If an error occurs during POST, the BIOS emits a special beep (beep code) similar to system speakers to alert the user to a specific problem.

    With the exception of Dell and Mac, the manufacturer of your technology or motherboard is not the manufacturer of the BIOS. In the BIOS, find your computer’s motherboard manufacturer, then click the appropriate link below to view the meaning of the beep code.

    If the computer passes POST, the computer may beep once (some computers may beep twice) to boot and continue downloading. However, if the computer neglects the POST, it may generate a beep to inform the participant of the source of the problem.

    The number of short beeps that most BIOSes emit at startup when a memory, cache, or processor error occurs. There are many patterns of beeps, codes,followed by Phoenix BIOS codes, which are delivered in groups of long and short beeps. The following beep codes are specific to BIOS-ami. There are additional BIOS promo codes that are not properly included here. See the BIOS and POST map.

    bios post beep code

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    AMI BIOS Beep Codes

  • 1 beep – memory update error (check memory)
  • 2 beeps – avoid memory parity errors in the first 64 KB (check memory)
  • 3 beeps – Memory read/write error in first 64K block (check memory)
  • 4 beeps – motherboard timer not working (may change motherboard)
  • 5 beeps – processor error (may need to replace the processor)
  • 6 beeps – Gate A20/keyboard controller error (motherboard replacement possible)
  • 7 beeps – CPU exception interrupt error (CPU may need to be replaced)
  • 8 beeps – indicate memory read/write errors (reinstall or replace video card)
  • 9 beeps – ROM checksum error (replace BIOS chip or motherboard)
  • 10 beeps – read/write error when disabling CMOS (motherboard may be replaced)
  • 11 beeps – Cache bad – Verification failed (replace cache).
  • Phoenix BIOS Beep Codes

    Phoenix BIOS beep reduction codes are a series of beeps separated by a pause, such as:
    beep — beep beep — beep — beep beep will be 1-2-1-2

  • 1-1-4-1 – Cache error (level 2)
  • 1-2-2-3 – BIOS ROM checksum
  • 1-3-1-1 – DRAM upgrade test
  • 1-3-1-3 – keyboard controller test
  • 1-3-4-1 – RAM error in xxxx address bar (check memory)
  • 1-3-4-3 (space) RAM error in data low bytes xxxx affecting the bus
  • 1-4-1-1 Memory – RAM error while writing xxxx data bits of the high byte of the memory bus
  • 2-1-2-3 – ROM trademark notice
  • 2-2-3-1 – Check for unexpected interrupts
  • AWARD BIOS Beep Codes

  • one long beep in addition to these two short beeps – video error (reinstall or replacesee video format card)
  • bios post beep code

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.