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    CPU cores. Sometimes the game has issues when trying to run the game engine on multiple CPU cores. This can be fixed permanently by changing the configuration document. Overclocking If you’re constantly struggling with BioShock Remastered crashing on Windows, try preventing GPU, CPU, or even memory overclocking.

    I have the same problem and I have installed DirectX 4 times…

    bioshock error dx9

    How likely are you to expect no one to help you enter information about your current system?

    Well I have Windows 7 and my wife and I installed Bioshock 2 and updated the same result by installing Lead x9 multiple times

    Old or faulty drivers. Drivers are the source for many games including BioShock Infinite. It may be that your current drivers need to be updated soon, or your recently updated drivers just don’t work well with the game. Be sure to disable it in your Steam settings and see if our error persists.

    GTX 970 and Windows 9 x64 the game does not start because it says that dx9.0c is needed. I tried installing it separately, which actually installs right away (I already have it in many other games), but the exact error is on launch.

    Steam games should be free of DX issues for a few days.

    It’s true, one x 11 highly effective people.

    Yes, there is no need to think, the Direct9 or test message appears above, the Directx installation does not go. Windows 7, GTX 650.

    This causes the number of citizens in the game to be multiplied by 11.

    I can play Bioshock 2 without a remaster without any problems

    Same apartment, impossible to play. Playing Fallout Doom 4, 2016, MGSV: The Phantom Pain and more and I’m lucky to have GPU drivers (Nvidia updated 372.70).

    bioshock error dx9

    Here are my characteristics, although we are all sure that the problem is not in the shutdown; GTX 750 / A10-6800K / 10 GB RAM / various Windows x64


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    Exactly the same problem. I want Headkick on my computer. Does anyone have a new solution for this please? I have the same problem as online and I would say that launching the original Bioshock 2 game (write “-dx9” which launches Steam options) should not work for the updated version. Help please :/

    There are two ways to properly run BioShock in DX9 mode on a DX10 card in Vista: In Game Explorer, right-click the BioShock icon and select “Play-DirectX9”; and also right-click the BioShock launcher icon, select properties, and add -dx9 a space after the last character in the target field only; or one

    Skip to “Fix exe crash on startup in Windows 9” written by Zeikar. THIS WORKS for me and it’s just a small windows update (download x86-exe for 32bit windows and whole x64-exe for 64bit windows) =D

    – Fixed smoke and fog effects
    – Fixed lighting and shadow issues
    – Fixed water effects
    – Fixed simple reflections and refractions on glass surfaces
    – Added 3D mesh (based on certain values)
    – Depth 3D HUD

    The game had a large set of 3D stereo shaders that I released. I’ve fixed thousands of them, although I think a fix should benefitEat 100%… if you find any other problems, let me know.

    How to install/play with:
    – Unzip the archive “” to your web directory “..BioshockBuildsBinaries” of the game, i.e. for the steam version it is “..SteamSteamApps commonBioshock 2SP CompilationsBinaries”.
    – Launch the appropriate DX9 game, i.e. create an appropriate shortcut for Bioshock2Launcher.exe, go to the apartment and add “-dx9” to the person field. Alternatively, if you have the Steam version, you can right-click on the game, select Properties -> General -> Set Rating and paste “-dx9” into all fields.

    I – HUD main switch characteristic (cycle) (3 options).
    U button – switch(loop) depth presets (3 options).

    If you want to protect your custom “U” media convergence settings and select the required predefined split/depth custom settings, press F7 and your settings will be saved in the configuration file.

    Entering -dx9 freezes it and it’s usable now, but the water texture and detail is still much lower. Is eatingIs there another way to stop crashes?

    I wanted to increase the texture streaming memory limit in GPU VRAM and lower the distance limit or texture streaming element to 10,000, but that didn’t even help.

    This page is for the original type. For the updated version, see Bioshock Remastered.

    The macOS (OS X) version of this game will not run on macOS Catalina 10 (v.15) and later due to uninstall-only 32-bit app support.

    < /dl>

    BioShock actually crashes when launched on Windows 2011 and later and energy tax credits. See launch related failure. Physics
    and some animations are recorded at 30 frames per second. See below how to change the lock.
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    Steam Community Discussions


    The commercial version uses SecuROM DRM. Activation is unlimited.[1] Internet connection required for installation Return.
    Mac OS X is no longer sold digitally.
    All other versions of Windows except Humble and one store require DRM Steam.
    Trial version available. Please note that patch 1.1 is not available in this demo.

    DLCs And Expansion Packs

    Major Improvements

    Skip Loading Videos

    Run the game with -nointro[citation needed]

    Removed Framerate Limit For Physics And Animation

    Physics match FPS by default, so some animations are limited to ten feet.
    Use Bioshock Physics Unlocker[2]
    1. Download Bioshock Physics Unlocker.
    2. Extract BioshockPhysicsUnlocker.exe into the game executable (typically BuildsRelease ).
    3. Open BioshockPhysicsUnlocker.exe, select the desired frame rate and press †µ Enter.

    BioShock Tweaker

    Permanent change to settings that cannot be regularly changed using the settingsInsertion area (for example, custom resolution). Align the program by visiting the game files configuration folder.
    Tweaker may not work with non-DRM versions of the game such as GOG or Humble Bundle. For these, the author provides a nice standalone version that can be downloaded above.

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.