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    Here are some simple steps that can help you resolve the Win32 bluetooth Authentication Example issue.


    bluetoothhauthenticateddevice Authentication request to Bluetooth remote device.


    The bluetoothauthenticateddeviceex function sends an authentication request to a remote Bluetooth device.


    Allows the calling primary party to request multiple device authentication during a single instance of the Bluetooth Connection Wizard.

    < /td> BluetoothDisplayDeviceProperties

    The bluetooth authentication process has two options: assistant mode and transparent mode. Wizard mode is started when the pszPasskey set is zero and the bluetooth connection wizard starts. The PC operator is prompted to enter the master’s access key as a step after which the authentication request was sent.

    Launches the device property suggestion sheet on the panel Or control.

    BluetoothEnableDiscovery The BluetoothEnableDiscovery function,

    which changes the state of the discovery of one or more radios discovered using Bluetooth.

    BluetoothEnableIncomingConnections BluetoothEnableIncomingConnections

    The function is changed if the local Bluetooth incoming device accepts connections.


    bluetoothenumerateinstalledservices Running BluetoothEnumerateInstalledServices lists the GUIDs (Global Services Unique Enabled Identifiers) on the Bluetooth device.


    The BluetoothFindDeviceClose function is a buffer enumeration handle associated with a hardware request.

    BluetoothFindFirstDevice BluetoothFindFirstDevice certainly

    Function, starts with a list of Bluetooth devices.


    bluetoothfindfirstradio BluetoothFindFirstRadio starts listing local Bluetooth radio stations.


    The BluetoothFindNextDevice function finds a future Bluetooth device.



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    BluetoothFindNextRadio finds the solemn next Bluetooth radio.

    BluetoothFindRadioClose The

    BluetoothFindRadioClose function closes a descriptorEnumeration value that occurs when radios search for Bluetooth.

    BluetoothGetDeviceInfo scores

    Get from a remote Bluetooth device.

    bluetooth win32 authentication example

    Get important information about Bluetooth and radio.


    The bluetooththisconnectable function determines whether they are Bluetooth radios or pluggable radios.


    The BluetoothisDiscoverable function determines whether a Bluetooth device or radio is discoverable.


    The BluetoothIsVersionAvailable task indicates that the installed Bluetooth binary supports the version requested.

    Le La

    bluetoothregisterforauthentication BluetoothRegisterForAuthentication any registers a type of callback function to be called when a particular valid Bluetooth device requests authentication.


    The bluetoothregisterforauthenticationex function registers an application with a PIN request and compares the numbers against this callback function.


    Removes Bluetooth device authentication between anyabout type and computer, but clears cached service information designed for the device.

    bluetoothsdpenumattributes The BluetoothSdpEnumAttributes function enumerates the entire SDP data stream and is associated with a callback function for each symptom in the dataset.BluetoothSdpGetAttributeValue


    Get the Job Done Gets the attribute for the value of the given attribute id.


    bluetoothsdpgetcontainerelementdata takes a container approach and returns each element contained in a container element.

    BluetoothSdpGetElementData Parses and

    so retrieves element one from the SDP stream.


    The BLUETOOTH_AUTHENTICATION_REQUIREMENTS enum specifies this Man.De in your current security intermediate required for authentication. The BLUETOOTH_IO_CAPABILITY enum specifies the I/O capabilities of most Bluetooth devices. Sends a remote verification request to a Bluetooth device.

    Converts the string contained in in SDP input to a Unicode string.

    BluetoothSelectDevices De

    Allows you to select Bluetooth tracking devices.


    bluetoothselectdevicesfree resources associated with Call ex one of BluetoothSelectDevices.


    The BluetoothSendAuthenticationResponse function is called when a send authentication request for a password is considered received.

    BluetoothSendAuthenticationResponseEx A BluetoothSendAuthenticationResponseEx function

    which is text when there is a request to authenticate the send key or principal of a numeric comparison response.


    Enable or disable services for the Bluetooth device.

    BluetoothUnregisterAuthentication BluetoothUnregisterAuthentication

    This function removes the registration for your callback procedure that was previously registered by calling via the BluetoothRegisterForAuthentication function.


    Updates the memory cache of the Bluetooth device local from the computer.use

    bluetooth win32 authentication example

    Will be combined with the BluetoothRegisterForAuthentication function.


    The PFN_AUTHENTICATION_CALLBACK_EX process is a callback function model in conjunction with the BluetoothRegisterForAuthenticationEx function.


    The callback prototype will successfully pass each symptom found in the pSDPStream parameter to the BluetoothSdpEnumAttributes function call once per call time.


    pfn_device_callback callback Callback prototype used in connection with selected devicesBluetooth trio.

    Win32.BlueTooth API module;
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