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    Here are some simple steps that can help you solve the problem of moving the Windows Installer folder. MOVE C: Windows Installer to a different file on a different drive. Create a folder on the “D:” drive and name this special “Windows Installer”. “LINK” to the original filesystem in a new location. This can ensure that all existing and future fixes are available when you need Windows Installer.

    Most modern computers are often equipped with solid state drives, which are used almost like system drives disks. .SSD is much more than just tough disks, but they have one serious drawback: quite a few ads. For this reason, it is very common to find solid state drives with relatively small capacities that are used exclusively for the system.

    The Windows operating system works in different ways, and new system software is constantly being created in it, and most people are not even aware of the existence of these files. In most cases, these are all important files for the operation of the system and application. At some point, they may lose their relevance, just stay with the reader and take up a lot of space. Inside the Windows folder is a large installation folder, which is often several gigabytes in size. Whenever a small capacity disk is used, there are gigabytes in this account and many PC users really think a lot about deleting this directory. As part of this check, we will let you know if it is possible to uninstall Windows Installer and the folder with each other for what it needs now.

     content:1. What is Windows Installer?2. Could you uninstall Windows Installer?- oudAlign the avoidable Windows Installer files.- Move the installation folder to another drive

    What Is Windows Installer

    Restart your computer, press F8 continuously to bring up the boot menu, and select “Command Prompt in Safe Mode” (this can be done to make sure you can switch the Windows folder).When prompted with a command phrase, enter the command to move the folder to a different drive for a person:Then create a docking connection for the missing folder:

    Before you even think about deleting or possibly cleaning up the Windows Installer folder, you should consider the information below. The operating system places in this folder personal service data about installed applications and games, the computer system and fixes of system files, updates for various utilities and other components. However, they can be files that are critical to the proper functioning of Windows and applications. and without today’s files, you can have a lot of problems and errors.

    The C: Windows Installer folder contains the Windows Installer memory cache. It is used to save criticalAny versions of applications installed using the special Windows Installer technology should not be removed. Having this particular entry in the cache allows you to properly uninstall and update applications.

    This folder is available on all versions of Windows. It is integrated into each of our Windows folders on the disk system. By default, the installer folder is hidden, and you can also see it if you set the visibility of most of the hidden folders and files in the explorer preferences, and also tell us that you do not need any files regarding “Hide system from“ secure operation ”€.

    Folder Installer Windows has problems with size in different versions of Windows, number of installed applications, elapsed time due to recent hard disk formatting, and a number of other factors. If the operating system has not been reinstalled for a long time, and the computer is actively used (in fact, new applications and games are constantly installed on it), the volume of this folder can reach hundreds of gigabytes.

    Can Windows Installer Be Uninstalled

    You cannot delete most of the Windows Installer folder and all the information in it. If you do this, you will encounter errors both in the operating system and in the work of a number of programs. There are several ways to reduce the size of the Windows Installer folder.

    Remove Unnecessary Files From Windows Tech

    As we mentioned earlier, most of the information (which can sometimes be temporary) is stored in the company folder. For example, applications that are still stored in a folder can often be removed from the computer, or update data can be outdated and close to zero.

    To remove unnecessary files from the installation folder mSpecial applications can be used. For example, PatchCleaner (this program can simply be downloaded for free from the Internet).

    Press Windows Essential + I to open Settings.Click Applications. You should be on the Apps & Features page.Scroll down and select most of the apps you want to transfer.Click the Move button.Select a different drive from the drop-down list.Click Move again.

    Download or install and run it. And select the path to the installation folder.

    The installer from the Windows folder will be checked immediately. The app shows you how many fast files are currently in use that cannot be deleted, and how these files can be deleted. To remove unnecessary click files, click Remove. Yes

    You run and see a message stating that the specified files will not be updated after deletion. Click Yes.

    It is usually used to save / cache the base disk installer. If you want to change an installed program, it is activated from there, allowing you to uninstall it or even perform major repairs without having to use the original upstream support, and therefore there shouldn’t be any unwanted effects. If you are using NTFS

    Once cleaned, the Windows Installer file contains only those files that experts believe are necessary for the system to function properly.

    Move The Installation Folder To Another Drive

    can you move the windows installer folder

    At the beginning of this skills article, we said that in many cases users just want to delete the installation directory or information from it, in most cases they are located on a minor system drive, such as a good solid state drive. Apart from cleaning up specific dadski, there is another way to solve the problem: transfer the folder to another dive. This allows you to free up space on the player’s console and save files. Needed


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    so that the installation folder is moved according to the following rules:

    1. Copy the Windows Installer folder to the device drive, then paste it to another drive;
    2. Then delete the installation file on the system drive;
    1. Then enter Command Prompt as director and enter the following command to do this:
     mklink / j "c:  windows  installer" "d:  Installer" 

    Only in this figure, the installer folder is located in the root directory of the car drive D. In your case, if the address of the entire folder is different, then in this task you will need to enter the above command.

    1. Then some folders appear in the system on all drives under the name “Install” with an arrow. This means that the information is available in a different directory, that is, on the main drive. Alt = “”

    Important note: you can only transfer this folder by an internal request from your computer. Put the system crash information on an external hard drive.

    can you move the windows installer folder

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