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Last week, some of our readers came across an error message that said Cisco Flash won’t open. This problem occurs due to a number of factors. Let’s discuss this below.


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    cannot open flash cisco

    Follow these steps to switch to rommon mode …


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    If your router supports going into ROMmon every time the system is restarted, this is probably due to a setting related to the configuration register. To check the configured configuration value, use the confreg command as shown below:

    Want to change the most important configuration? y / n [n]: As shown in the output of your current confreg command above, the configuration is saved with a value that allows the router to go into ROMmon every time it is rebooted or powered up. To have the router normally boot automatically from the standard Cisco IOS software image, change the value of its configuration register as follows:

    Do you want to change the setting? yes / no [n]: o

    enable “use network in bcast y / n ip address”? [n]:

    Want to change your configuration on the fly? yes / no [n]: no

    For the new configuration to take effect, you need to reboot or plug in the power cord

    You have now changed the configuration register to hA value that allows it to look for a running Cisco IOS Software image at startup and at startup. The router should now be rebooted.

    The modem should now be rebooted with the powerful Cisco IOS image software.

    If the learning register value is configured to automatically start the system from any standard Cisco IOS software image, and if no paused email is sent at startup, the router should indeed boot normally. However, if the modem still goes into ROMmon, it may be because the device usually cannot find a valid Cisco IOS software image.

    First, you need to find a valid Cisco IOS software image. To do this, issue the dir command for each available device and locate the new valid Cisco IOS software image. For example, find IOS in Flash, use the Get command shown below.

    File diameter checksum filename

    Please note: if the routescongestion returns “Bad Guitar Name”, the specified device may not exist. The about output indicates that there is indeed valid graphics in Flash. Try booting from this image by purchasing the boot command.

    From now on, the router should boot with the Cisco IOS system image specified during boot. However, it may happen that none of the devices has the correct valid image, or that a particular image on the flash memory is slightly corrupted. In these cases, an image suitable for purchasing the Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) will most likely need to be downloaded using the Xmodem method. Both of these procedures can be performed in ROMmon mode.

    Initializing the ATA Monitoring Library …….
    Loading: Unable to manually determine the name of the first executable file on the “flash:” device

    I’ve found many discussions on this issue, but I don’t want to be ashamed (I don’t know about ROMMON). This

    we tell you that I do not know if it is possible to conduct further tests to successfully figure out what is actually the main problem (and therefore the correct solutionration).

    System Boot Version 12.3 (8r) T8 SOFTWARE Release (fc1)
    Technical Support:
    Copyright 2004 (c) Cisco Systems, Inc.
    PLD version 0x10
    GIO ASIC 0x127
    c1841 processor with 131072 KB of critical memory
    main memory configured in 64-bit mode with parity disabled

    Initializing the ATA monitor library …….
    program finished, loaded entry: 0x8000f000, size: 0xc100

    ATA machine library initialization …….
    open (): Open Error = -13
    loadprog: goof – when opening
    boot file: “flash:” cannot be translated will be

    Ok, I typed dir flash: with your colon and this is what I got:

    cannot open flash cisco

    Checksum file name

    693 bytes (0x2b5) 0x624b start-config

    loadprog: number of bad miracle files: 0x0

    loadprog: invalid file magic number: 0x0



    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.