You may have encountered a bug indicating a Codelink v2. There are a number of steps you can take to resolve this issue and we will do so shortly.

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Tolerance for underestimation (Show) So I just downloaded the game from here and wrote my account. Then when I try to login I get an ERROR, there is no similar account and when I go to create a new page I get a “Duplicate Account Error” in the morning, what am I doing wrong?And what is the name of your current game’s mp3 because I’m trying to create an account on the missions page…?

Rating below the threshold (show) I hate it when I buy good games, but it’s too late, it’s over. Please restart online. In its current form, the idea deserves 5/5

Underestimation creates tolerance (show) Unfortunately, this is no different from the last dangerous Game.Dat file. Opening it with notepad, my partner noticed that it didn’t make much difference compared to the game.dat file that I downloaded along with the zip file.Also, it looks like the Kongregate version may not have up-to-date information about the new server (it still has, not hope this can be fixed in a reasonable time soon.Anyway, I’m ready for CLv3:3

Below file threshold (show) The link shows full screen mode on Mac when Linux is down/unavailable/down.

Rating below the threshold (show) Looks like a good event, but I can’t log in

Below the assessment threshold (show) This game would have been relaunched with a new sponsor but you need to pick it up to play: don’t think Momo worked on it, I think they are still working on Codelink 3. The game still has moderators and is still maintained. Please note that this will start if you bet on the old server.

Rating below the threshold (show) Login failed

codelink v2 error

Below the thresholdpositioning (show) The game isn’t over yet, of course. Hopefully tutorial videos and MP3 players will be fixed.

Rating below the threshold (show) You look weird but I can’t get in

codelink v2 error

Tolerance for underestimation (Show) As of November 2015 standalone PC version (under new management):