Sometimes your system may display an error code that the folder is compact in Outlook. There can be many reasons for this problem.


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    Click the File tab. Click Account Settings, then click Account Settings. If you reject data files, click on the data file most people want to compress and then check the settings. Click Compress Now.

    click the File tab. Click “From Account” settings, then “From Account” settings. In the Monthly Data File Bill, select the data file that customers want to compress, and then review the settings. Click Compress Now.


    MS Outlook is a great assistant when it comes to managing communications, taking notes, and keeping track of system calendar entries. The more you use it, the more files you save, so the question of how to compress PST files will be discussed or decided later.

    compact folder in outlook

    The average user has never thought about the mandatory compression of Outlook data files. Most likely, the disk space occupied by Outlook images is not very large, or you are the happy owner of an excellent Hard disk. However, in addition to the large storage size of PST files, this problem with the speed and response time of the PC is affected by the amount of data stored. Thus, compressing PST files can become a very useful habit.

    Before Compressing PST Files

    In addition to the necessary full correspondence, users are faced with manyNumerous advertisements and spam emails. These files are not always deleted on time. In addition, some emails contain attachments saved on the PC; therefore, these attachments get twice as much space as these items should have. Therefore, before you start compressing PST, it is better to empty folders and subfolders. Don’t forget Removed; folder items, this one might even need to be checked regularly.

    The time required for compression depends on the total size of the data file and the amount of white space to be removed. For my smaller PST data files, the application completes in seconds. But my large PST email files larger than one gig usually take over 20-30 minutes.

    Cleaning and organizing email, calendar notes, notes, tasks, appointments, and contacts is a good habit. May it be long, hard and difficult in the first time task. However, if you do this daily, you will not only save certain areas, but also help you quickly find the information you need.

    Where Can I Find PST Files

    MS Outlook saves data in selected files called personal display folders. These files can have four .pst or .ost extensions, depending on the version and configuration of the software you are using. The mix of these files can also be saved. Most likely,Users are wondering whether to compress as a PST file, as this is the extension of a file stored on a PC’s hard drive. However, we will describe both. So, to find your computer data, do the following:

  • Start Outlook and click the File tab;
  • Select the Account Settings button, then click it;
  • In the drop-down list of contacts, pay attention to the account settings;
  • In the new window, secure more and go to the tab named Data Files.
  • The Outlook data file can grow in size over time. Outlook users can easily work with large files efficiently. An oversized PST file can cause serious problems such as slow performance and mailbox corruption.

    It publishes all OST and PST files in which outlook keeps accurate records. If users know their location, they can find them on their hard drive and determine which folders are taking up too much space and should be deleted. You can then compress the Outlook PST files and then the OST files if you need to proceed.

    Compressing A PST File In A Few Easy Steps

    Tap the settings icon in the upper right corner of the app frequently.Change the “Display Density” processing to “Compact”.Set the Reading Area to Hide.Just customize it by clicking Show All Outlook Settings and looking at all the options under Mail> Layout.

    Users of the non-Exchange Outlook model typically work with MS via PST files. So, in order to compress PST files in later versions of Outlook or 2010, follow the steps mentioned here to find the data files. Then select the file you are compressing:

  • Select one file from PST on your computer and click “Settings”.
  • Find some buttons now” “Squeeze and click them;
  • Outlook data log compression project started;

    compact folder in outlook

  • When this process completes, click OK, and someone will see the “Account settings where account” window again, you can always make sure that the PST files compress them.
  • What About OST Files?

    Compressing Outlook data files frees up space о, which is unavailable because the item was previously occupied by an item. This can drastically reduce the space taken up by the OST or possibly the PST file on your company’s disk, and Outlook helps you work more efficiently.

    As a rule, business users work with OST. The compression steps are similar to those you should follow if you really want to compress PST data from Outlook 2013 or other non-Exchange versions:

  • Search for “Account Settings” > “Data File Cost” and note that the OST is heavily compressed > “Settings”;
  • In the new launch window, find the “Advanced” tab;
  • Click the Outlook Data File Options button.
  • Then select “Compress now” and be sure the process will start.does
  • What Is Pst File Compression And How Often?

    Simple steps explained The higher ones can help reduce disk space by about 10%. Moreover, this process will improve the speed and appearance of the new PC as a whole. Before proceeding with file compression, please note that after this process, you will not be able to use any email software. Also, during this process the booted computer will be idle; so it might be a bit slower.

    The frequency of the compression process depends on how often you use Outlook, how many attachments you have, and how much and how much free space you have on your hard drive. Ordinary users resort to this single procedure every 4-5 months. However, if you notice that Outlook’s response time has increased, check the disk space it’s taking up – these files. it’s time to compress them to improve the efficiency of your Outlook and your PC.basic

    More Elements

    Compress Outlook data files. On the main Outlook door, select Manage Data Files from the Main File menu. The Account Settings dialog box appears on the Data Files tab. Highlight personal folders, which should be on the national disk, then click the “Settings” button. Now that the Personal Folders dialog box is open, click Shrink.

    The “@” character that we use every day as a delimiter in email addresses is much more complex today.


    The mbox file is a mail storage format, e.g. H mailbox containing saved email messages. continue reading


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    The most important and basic need for compressing Outlook data files might be for Outlook to function properly. You need to compress the OST file because a large amount of data corrupts one of these files, which can lead to the loss of all information. MS Outlook will lag behind if you keep saving files to OST files.

    Because Microsoft’s capabilities are limited to compressing the length of the infected PST file, only software such as Stellar Toolkit for Outlook needs to be installed at a time. The technology compresses PST file in MS Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and earlier versions, and a wide range of functions also helps in PST file processing.

    Compressing Outlook Data Files reclaims disk space that is not available because it was previously occupied by the setting. It can greatly reduce the space occupied by PST Oder ost file on your tedious and disk space, help Outlook work efficiently.

    click the settings gear in the top right corner of the appChange the Display Density ability to Compact.Set the “Reading Panes” to “Hide”.usingCustomize, “Show all Outlook options” and checking these options in Mail > Optionspage meters.

    The compression time depends on the total size of the file’s best data and the amount of “blank space” that needs to be cleared. small For PST files, this is done in minutes. But with my large PST address files, larger than a gigabyte, it usually takes 19-30 minutes.