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  1. My exotic doesn’t work. What to do ?
  2. My i-vehicle cannot be configured remotely. What should I do ?
  3. How to reprogram the CompuStar remote for a great car?
  4. How many remotes can I simulate my CompuStar system?
  5. Is the CompuStar remote control compatible with my existing disturbance or remote start system?
  6. When I press any key, “Hold” flashes on the LCD screen. What caused this?
  7. How to set up the best CompuShock shock sensor?
  8. I have a book translation. How do I set up a private car to start remotely?
  9. Does a small vehicle require a bypass module?

My online support is not working. What should I do ? €A: You need to go through a final troubleshooting process: does your car match many of them with your remote? Yes, shut up and open the doors? If so, your own system is in valet mode. On your personal remote control onePress the I and or 3 buttons for the lock and trunk. If not, have you started reprogramming the remote as described in the general user manual? Newcomers with a Titan remote control turn the key to the on position, or press and hold the antenna button behind the mirror for 2 seconds.

Press and hold the precise brake pedal. Keeping your precious foot on the brakes, press this button on the remote control for 2.5–3 seconds. Your car headlights will flash once. Incorrectly ignite your car engine and remove the key from the ignition.

My car is not remotely controlled to start the process. What should I do ? €A: Does your car respond to your remote control? If so, what commands does it start with? If not, does reprogramming your own remote computer work? If your remote adapts to your system and most likely won’t start remotely, your bypass module or your rig can usually call Teknique Auto Innovations and go to … … a technician.

How can I remotely replace Compustar with my car? â €A: This process is described in this particular remote control manual. You feel the need to switch the ignition of the car between the on and on positionsOn / off repeatedly for 7 seconds or more, then press the lock switch, I button, or set the battery life in the remote controller (2WSSR / P2WSSR). The process depends on what publicly available remote controls are. All remote controls must be reprogrammed at the same time. â € ¨â € ¨â € ¨

* Red LED indicates car mode. Valet Mode: If your current remote launch isn’t working, anyone can be in Valet Mode. If you receive two weak parking signals, your system has exited universal remote programming mode and you will need to try again. Register online at www.compustar.com within ten days of purchase to activate the warranty on your new remote.

How many remote controls can I program in the CompuStar system? â €A: You can program up to 3 remote controls in combination with any alarm, alarm / starter and starter technology except the new 2WSSR. The 2WSSR only works with another remote control (1WSSR) with a combined alarm / starter system. All existing systems can additionally include up to 3 remote controls. ”

compustar remote car starter troubleshooting

Is your current CompuStar remote compatible with display and remote start system?â € A: Due to my unique FM modulation, CompuStar transmitters are not added to other compatible systems. These spreading habits areProperty of CompuStar. ”

My 2-way remote is flashing a second “Hold” button on the LCD. Press any key. What does it do?• A: Your remote control has a lock function. If the control button 4 is held down for 2.5 seconds, the function is activated or deactivated. € ¨

Reason: Strange, but it happens – in most cases this is due to a large discharged battery in the car or simply because the battery was disconnected during service. Remote starters now usually have some type of non-volatile memory that stores things like programming functions as well as remote control codes.

How do I set up my favorite CompuShock sensor?A: Shock This gauge has turned into a small black egg that is usually installed under the dashboard. There is a small scale at one end that goes from off to 10, with 10 being the most volatile. Compustar recommends a value between 9 and 4. Anything above this value may cause false positives. CompuShock can be installed anywhere. Then please refer to your installer for details. Also, check with your excellent installer to ensure that setting up your detector does not void your installation warranty. Please note that you can turn the wonder sensor on and off from almost any remote controlenia. I am manually rendering the gearbox. How do I set up my car to run Remote Desktop Assistance?• A: You need to set the manual transmission redundancy mode. The redundancy mode is to leave your equipment in a neutral state. You need to adjust the electronic brake and after a second remove the car key from the ignition. Your method will continue until you get out of the car and close all the gates. The engine is also off, your remote control retrieves the web page back (two-way remote control) and locks and activates the system. Does this vehicle require an emergency bypass module?• A: Every vehicle needs a bypass unit. Depending on the year and model, your vehicle may need one or two segments.

compustar remote car starter troubleshooting