Over the past week, some readers have reported that they have encountered a corrupted Winsock Vista.

Press. Enter cmd in the Find box, right-click cmd.exe, select Run as administrator and click Next.At the Save Control prompt, type netsh winsock reset and press Enter.Type exit and press Enter.

Checking the TCP / IP Winsock Stack in Windows Vista can cause corruption, errors, and problems if you have sufficient Internet connectivity. Corrupted Winsock and Windows Sockets configurations can mainly be caused by various reasons, such as installing social software or being infected with viruses, Trojans or malware, or even within minutes after spyware has been disinfected by security software.

If Winsock is corrupted, when it detects Internet network errors, the error message “The page cannot be viewed” may not be displayed in Internet Explorer or AOL, even if you have a DSL / ADSL Internet connection / cable interlaced scanning. Windows Sometimes the Firewall / Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service stalls for a long time.

How to fix reset and Windows Vista

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Enter cmd in the text of the search box; Ctrl-Shift-Enter
  3. Click the synthesizer shortcut to launch the command line based on that administrator. Submit your request for height.
  4. Return netsh winsock completely to the command line system, then press Enter.
  5. Restart your computer.

What netsh winsock reset Purchase does is reset the winsock directory to a clean state, possibly the default configuration. All of this removes Winsock LSPs (multilayer service provider) installed at some point, including possibly a bad LSP that causes network packets to be dropped in transit. Therefore, it is necessary to reinstall any previously installed LSPs. This command does not affect entries from Winsock namespace providers.

Note. To check the LSPs installed on your full Vista system, use the netsh winsock Showcase Catalog command.

You can also download the app New WinSock XP 1 fix.2 to do the same;


Modules of the TCP / IP Winsock stack in Windows Vista can become malicious and cause errors and problems with the Internet connection. Corrupt Winsock configuration can occur for many reasons, such as installing multimedia software, getting infected with viruses, viruses or malware, or even one day from spyware disinfection by security software.

If Winsock is corrupted due to network errors that you may encounter, you may not be able to access the Internet with the “This page is getting difficult to view” error message in Internet Explorer or AOL, even though some of your Internet connections are are DSL. / ADSL / Cable is connected. On Windows, the Firewall / Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service sometimes gets interrupted if you think about it.

  1. Click the Start button.
  2. Enter cmd all over the text in the search box; Ctrl-Shift-Enter
  3. Click the synthesizer shortcut to launch the Administrator Command Prompt. Sign inAsk for the height.
  4. Type netsh winsock reset to zero the invest at the command prompt and press Enter.
  5. Restart your computer.

A rewrite of the netsh winsock command is to reset the winsock directory to a clean state, and this may be the default configuration. All of this will remove Winsock LSPs (multilayer service providers) prior to installation, including a faulty LSP that results in loss of network or computer packet forwarding errors. Therefore, it is necessary to reinstall any previously installed LSPs. This command does not affect entries from Winsock namespace providers.

Note. To check which LSPs are installed on Vista, use the netsh winsock archive show command.

You can also download an instance of WinSock XP Fix 1.2. He will do it for you too.

Winsock is the direction that Windows uses to define how network applications interact with network services such as TCP / IP.

Basically, two network programs need to communicate with each other. To illustrate that it uses Winsock for FTP to work properly.

However, Winsock

can become corrupted or damaged on a Windows computer when spyware or adware is removed. You may experience strange Winsock crashes or errors, and basic commands like IPCONFIG won’t work as expected.

netsh winsock reset is a command in Windows designed to recover your computer from some socket error that occurs when you actually download an unknown or malicious script file to your computer. Winsock settings contain your PC’s configuration for connecting to the Internet.

You may also receive error messages, for example, the page is still not displayed when you try to switch to the new Internet.

To fix winsock error, you need to reset the entire TCP / IP stack on this Windows machine. There are several ways to solve the problem: usually using the command line, downloading a special third day application, etc.

Microsoft Winsock-Fix

What are the causes of Winsock corruption? Corrupted Winsock settings cause internet connection problems. The most common culprit is a new virus infection or cell phone jailbreak. Another reason for the damage is probably related to the removal of malware by an antivirus product, be it Winsock API or wsock32.

Click Run. Enter the word “cmd” in the open field. When the DOS monitor appears, enter “netsh winsock reset”. Hit Enter. Type ‘exit’ to close the DOS window and return to Windows. Reboot your computer. See if the common problem is resolved.

The easiest and safest way to reset the TCP / IP stack is to download the completely free Microsoft utility.

Just download the file corresponding to your version in Windows and use the wizard!

Manual Reset Of The First TCP / IP Network Stack

If the above program doesn’t really work, you need to manually configure the TCP / IP networking stack. Open the awesome Admin Command Prompt by clicking Start, typingIn CMD, then right-clicking Command Prompt and choosing Run as administrator.

 netsh int ip reset to zero resetlog.Will txt 

This will overwrite two registry property keys required for TCP / IP to function properly on the market. It works with Windows XP, Vista, 8, 7 and therefore 10. If that’s not your job, read on below!

Reset Winsock With Netsh

corrupt winsock vista

If resetting tcp / ip doesn’t really work for you, try resetting the tcp / ip stack using the reset command. First open Command Prompt by successfully typing Start, Run and CMD.

Before writing a reset command, you need to check which LSPs (Multi-Layer Service Providers) will be affected. To do this, enter the following:

 netsh winsock displays directory clearly 

The following reset command loses all Winsock LSPs. Now enter the following command below:

 Netsh winsock settings directory 

Will it be safe to reset Netsh Winsock? If you are concerned that resetting Netsh Winsock while using this process will harm your system, the answer is no. And yes, resetting Winsock is completely safe as it fixes network connectivity issues rather than taking a lot of time.

The Winsock directory adapts its default configuration. If you receive a corrupted LSP that is also causing network connectivity issues, this check will fix that. Please note that in order to accomplish this task,For commands, you will need to reinstall several programs that were previously installed on many LSPs.

corrupt winsock vista

You can also read the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base for more information on simple steps you can take to repair Winsock2 corruption in Windows XP in addition to Windows Vista:

Hope one of the suggested methods here solves your networking problem! Otherwise, you will be able to reinstall Windows, as it may be irreparably damaged.