Over the past few days, some of our readers have reported that they have encountered Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1).


  • 1. Download ASR Pro
  • 2. Open the program and select "Scan your computer"
  • 3. Click "Repair" to start the repair process
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    g.You can find all the tools in Start Menu> All Programs> Maintenance> Create Recovery Disc. Most likely, you will need a blank CD or even a DVD with a fancy Windows installation CD.




    During the beta phase, one of the few newly added Windows Vista Pack 1 services was the ability to create a Windows recovery CD using an easy-to-use graphical interface. Before that, it was a little more complicated, but it was still possible to figure it out with the help of the reconnaissance line. Update: To avoid confusion, these are definitely not the therapy discs you find in pre-packaged laptops or desktops. This recovery CD is far from Windows. Reinstallation only provides fixes for the problem if they are no longer bootable.

    While all Vista installation DVDs come with recovery features out of the box, it is almost certainly a good idea to burn your own backup to take with you to your business. You can also download the From iso file of NeoSmart.net, but you may run out of bandwidth.

    For unknown aspects, the functionality was later pulled from the final SP1 release. If you researchf the system for its individual files, you may still notice recdisc.exe, a utility executable that does a search but does nothing. The Start menu shortcut has also been removed, indicating that it was intentionally removed later.

    Curious, I decided to find out where to copy the version behind recdisc.exe and put the Vista SP1 beta into SP1 RTM. Thanks to Chris123NT for finding a computer photocopy, it worked. If you also need to make it work, the permissions file is involved, here’s how.

    Step 1. Download the appropriate preview version of recdisc.exe (x86 version) (x64 version).
    Step 2. Open your own system32 directory. Type in the start menu and press “% systemroot% system32”, press enter.
    Step 3. Find recdisc.Right exe, just click on it and go to Properties.

    Step 4. Select the “Security” tab and click “Advanced”.
    Step 5. Select the “Owner” tab and click “Change”.

    Step 6. Select “Administrators” to change this, click “OK”. “OK”. Click again at the top of the dialog box.
    Step 7. Try returning to the Hotfixes withoutdangers of files “. Click on “Edit …”.

    Step 8. Select Administrators and check the box, and in the Allow section, select the Full Control column and row. Then click “OK”. Click “OK” to complete the process again.
    Step 9. Rename this wonderful file (press F2) to something like “recdisc.To old”. Please make a backup copy of the original file in case we need to restore it in the future.

    create recovery disk windows vista sp1

    Step 10. Copy the “recdisc.exe” track that you downloaded earlier. You just need to double it up to run.

    If you purchased a new electronic computer with Windows Vista preinstalled using this method, you might have received a genuine Windows Vista DVD of your choice or a recovery disc from your computer manufacturer, or your new computer might have come with a hard drive recovery device. partition instead of the recovery drive. While a recovery disk or partition will allow you to service your computer according to the original manufacturer’s terms, families most likely won’t be able to recover.Get your Windows installation view. To do this, you need an updated Windows Vista DVD containing the Windows Recovery Environment; You cannot restore your current installation without the tools included in the Windows Recovery Environment.

    Fortunately, Microsoft Vista SP1 adds the ability to create a Windows Recovery CD. However, in case you would like to create a Windows Recovery CD prior to SP1, NeoSmart Technologies has provided Microsoft with a copy of this Windows Recovery CD ISO for beta testing. Service Pack 1 (SP1) version. In this edition of this Windows Vista report, I’ll walk you through how to obtain this ISO image and create a custom Windows recovery CD.

    ISO Received

    Open the control panel.We go to the recovery.Click Create Recovery Drive.Click Next.On the Insert USB Drive screen, click Create a new system recovery disc using CD or DVD to usually create the disc as a CD or DVD.not like an expensive USB stick.

    Due to our popularity of the NeoSmart Technologies Windows Recovery CD ISO Image – approximately 120MB downloadable available from their website – NeoSmart is an torrent image. The file offered for purchase is as safe as the downloadable version , although you will need a torrent download version to order ISO file.

    Using An ISO Burner

    Once you get your new ISO file, you need the perfect way to burn a CD to it. You may already have a CD burning application like Nero, but if you want to transfer the ability to burn the provided ISO files directly from Vista Download, use the special version of ISO Recorder for Vista directly from the Alex Fienmans website.

    Once you’ve downloaded the actual ZIP file, it is considered a no-brainer to install the Recorder ISO. Double-click Settings and just click the cardboard boxes in the File Security Warning and User Account Control dialog boxes. When you see the Configure Recorder ISO wizard (Figure A), simply follow the onscreen instructions and the recorder ISO will be installed in no time.

    Figure A

    Installing ISO Recorder is definitely not difficult.

    At this point, insert a blank CD into your CD burner. If you see the AutoPlay dialog, just close it.


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    ISO burning program, Previously written as a shell extension, it combines with the correct Windows Explorer. To run it, locate the ISO Submit file, right-click and select the Copy Image to Command CD (Figure B).

    Figure B

    ISO Recorder is a shell extension built into Windows Explorer.

    When you see the Register CD Wizard (Figure C), just click Next. The program burns a specific ISO image to your CD so that the CD can be ejected in minutes. Then you can close the CD Burning Wizard.


    The user interface of ISO Recorder is very simple.

    Boot From Windows Recovery CD

    create recovery disk windows vista sp1

    Now that you’ve created your Windows Recovery CD, try it out to make sure it works if you ever need it. Finally, restart your computer with the CD in the drive. When configuring restart, follow the on-screen instructions to start the Internet from the CD. Be a medical customer because the Windows Recovery Environment that can runIt will take a different time to call Windows PE (Preinstallation Environment) to boot.

    Once the system boots with the CD safe, a black window appears with a light gray progress bar (Figure D).

    Digit D

    While Windows PE is loading files into memory, a light bulb and a gray progress bar notify someone of the process.

    After all the files are loaded into memory, Vista’s blue-green background (Figure E) will remain on the screen for what appears to be eternal. This can take a little patience too.

    Digit E

    This background will probably stay on your screen forever.

    Finally, the Windows Setup dialog box may appear, asking you to select your language, time, currency format, and keyboard settings (Figure F). Since you are not really integrating with Windows, you can bypass this chat window by clicking Next.

    Digit F

    When you understand the Windows Setup dialog box, just click Next. You

    When you see the second Install Windows chat window (Figure G), click Repair your computer. I would not say that you clicked the Install Now button.

    Drawing G

    To access System Options and Recovery, click Repair Your Computer.

    The very first System Recovery Options dialog box will almost certainly appear (Figure H). When prompted, find out how your system is performing and click Next.

    Number H

    In the System Recovery Options dialog box, select your operating system by clicking Next.

    The main System Recovery Options dialog box I will appear (Fig. If this was a real disaster, you would choose one of the appropriate recovery tools from the list, but since this is mostly a test one, you can simply click the mouse button to restart.

    Figure I

    In the event of a real system crash, choose one of the best recovery tools.

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    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.

    Boot the bootable Windows Vista disc. ISO file.Insert the appropriate blank DVD into your computer’s DVD burner.Open your DVD burning software.Burn yours.Mark your Windows Vista boot disk with a pen or marker and put it in a place where you won’t waste it.

    Reboot your computer.Press F8 at the boot screen to display the advanced boot options menu.Select Repair your computer and press Enter.Enter administrator password and dialect setting if required.Select Dell Factory Image Restore and click Next.