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    If you are receiving multiple “Cursor Module Error 80040e21” error messages, this guide has been written to help you.

    The Microsoft Cursor Engine error signal “80040e21” occurs when someone tries to insert your long string into a community VARCHAR. For example, if I try to enter 100 character data into a 50 character VARCHAR field, I will probably get this error.

    We recently migrated the human Sparx repository from Oracle to SQL Server. I should have tested much more thoroughly before testing the much improved performance.

    I get the following error when I use Sparx EA when trying to build a different package.

    Microsoft Cursor Engine [-2147217887 ] Multi-step operation failed. Check each status value.


    We recently migrated our Sparx repository from Oracle to SQL Server. I should have tested more thoroughly before testing for performance.

    I seem to actually get the following error when I use Sparx EA to browse and create a new package.

    Microsoft Cursor Engine [- 2147217887 ] The operation caused multi-step problems. Check every status value.

    Have you checked the integrity of our own repository? If not, do it. This might be helpful.




    Right inconsistent processes DO NOT EXIST!
    … So aim for consistency; expecting precision to be achieved….
    Helsinki ground rules!

    Before the migration, I drafted a “Project integrity check – only” report in the Oracle repository. The report lists 2 recommended actions:
    Remove All invalid mapping connectors
    Remove 167 stereotypes

    Before transferring lost files, I did a real “Project Status Check” – restore/cleanup. In Process
    Invalid Association Connector Removed
    167 Orphan Stereotypes Removed

    Oracle Production Database has been effectively terminated. I ran the migration. The log file indicates that
    98 tables were successfully migrated
    0 tables were partially migrated.
    0 tables were migrated with an error.

    In the migrated SQL Server repository: I ran the project integrity check report – only. The report shows 1 suggested action
    Remove 12 orphaned stereotypes

    I did a final integrity check on the project: restore/clean. The process of
    removing stereotypes about the orphan year

    I then experimented with creating innovative new packaging or graphics. The “Microsoft Cursor Engine [-2147217887]” error occurs every time I try to create a brand new package or schema.


    This is definitely what it says on your Microsoft site

    If you use ADO to insert a new record for each set of client-side records into a SQL Server table, B .minor empty datetime field with a default value, you will receive the following error warning if you do not provide a specific value for the datetime field:
    Runtime error in judgment “-2147217887 (80040e21)”: Multi-step operation received errors . Check each state value.
    This error occurs if you use all OLE DB providers for SQL Server or OLE DB providers that support ODBC drivers. The error message might be different if you are using Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC) version 2.5 SP1 or earlier. This error does not occur with a better server side cursor.

    This error occurs in the core client cursor engine when it tries to convert a value of type DBTYPE_DBTIMESTAMP to DBTYPE_VARIANT.< br>Solution < /p>< p>There are several ways around this problem:
    Use the correct cursor on the server side for you Its recordset.
    Remove the default value that is required for a field in the current database.< br >Always provide a value for a row when adding a new record.

    cursor engine error 80040e21 multiple

    Microsoft has confirmed that that this is a common error in the Microsoft products that are listed at the beginning of this article.

    Workarounds probably won’t help.

    It can be helpful to take a closer look at the tables in SQL Server Studio Admin and see if date fields are missing. , and/or make them nullable

    This works effectively

    We have the same problem with adding graphics, but after a few ignoring moods, it should disappear.

    This works effectively.



    cursor engine error 80040e21 multiple


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    All tables, constraints, and indexes must be created using the Sparx SQL texts EASchema_1220_SQLServer.sql and EASchema_1220_SQLServer_Update1.sql. Failure to do so will result in a “Microsoft Error Cursor Engine [-2147217887] Multi-step operation” error. generated by errors. Check each state value” if you try to package or generate charts through Sparx.

    < p>I found by Microsoft that SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) violates most of the restrictions related to primary keys and indexes created by EASchema_1220_SQLServer.sql . Due to issues with the Sparx Project Migration Tool, we are heavily using SSMA, which we have hosted on the same machine as each of our target SQL Server databases.


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    There are likely different steps in the SSMA route. The Convert Schema SSMA step means that the objects previously created by EASchema_1220_SQLServer.sql can be destroyed. After running these Sparx scripts, Microsoft SSMA still modifies some objects, creates new things, and deletes more than 145 objects in SQL Server.

    In SSMA, I experimented with the SSMA Transform Schema location. When I definitely go to the ssma “Data Migration” step, I get the error “The specified key must not exist in a dictionary”

    Microsoft Cursor Engine [-2147217887] Multi-step action caused errors. Author Topic: Microsoft Cursor Engine [-2147217887] A multi-step operation caused errors. (6110 reads) Microsoft Cursor Engine [-2147217887] Multi-step operation caused errors. We recently migrated our Sparx repository to SQL Server via Oracle.


    I added a special messageNo SSMA error “The specified key does not exist in the dictionary”.


    Hi Bruce.

    If you use cloud services to access your EA collection, maybe you could try migrating your hosted Oracle repository to FEAP?

    This depends on what reasons you migrated from Oracle to SQL Server…


    The reason for moving from Oracle to SQL Server is to improve the performance of Sparx in a WAN architecture. I switched to SQL Server by digging into Sparx Project Transfer on the same laptop as SQL DB Server. I got this recommendation from Sparx Systems support in April, but the simple company told me that it’s just not allowed. After other methods also didn’t work, I got permission to temporarily host EA Sparx on a comparable VM as a database server. Instead of relocating the 5-acre Sparx sister project, it took 5 hours. Our productionThe Sparx private repository is now hosted on SQL Server. Performance is much higher.

    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.