In some cases, your computer may display the message Importing dbx files into Windows Live Mail. There can be many reasons for this error to appear.

Are you one of those people who wants to export emails to Windows Live Mail while using Outlook Express? Or do you want to access up-to-date Outlook Express DBX files as part of your Windows Live Mail or Windows 10 Mail accounts? If yes, read this article to learn the best way to import Outlook Express DBX to Windows Live Mail. Here, use Turg’s Outlook Express DBX conversion tool to open live DBX files directly from Windows Mail. So let’s get started.

Microsoft Outlook Express Microsoft is the company’s first email client application, released in 1996 as Microsoft Internet Mail and News. These services can only handle Rich Copy RTF or Plain Text emails and are popular from Microsoft Windows 3.11 to Windows XP. But after the release of Windows Microsoft XP, the Outlook Express mail client was discontinued. Microsoft launches Windows Live Mail with new software and features. Therefore, many online marketers want to migrate email from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail.

“I’ve been using Outlook Express for several other email purposes for the past 4 years. But since last month I’ve been having problems with Outlook Express. So I decided to reswitch to Windows Live Mail. I need to migrate Outlook to speak to Windows Live Mail. Also, I have a new batch of important emails in my personal Outlook Express account. So is there an easy way to import an Outlook Express DBX into a Live Windows Mail account?

dbx dateien in windows live mail importieren

We recently received a request to move from Outlook Express to Live Windows Mail. Many users usually ask for a straight forward and easy solution to migrate Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail on the road. Therefore, we have developed a suitable solution for importing Outlook Express DBX to Windows Live Mail. Read this blog to the end and think about the best solution.

How Do I Migrate Outlook Express To Live Windows Mail?

Import Outlook Express DBX To Live Windows Mail – Step By Step

Start by downloading frequently with DBX in Live Windows Mail on your Windows machine.

After that, create a program on your computer and parse all the instructions.

After that, Outlook Express selects DBX files with double-selection types, i.e. with H options to add files or add folders

Then select the desired DBX versions from the selected Outlook Express files.

After that, select the Live Mail option from the list of send optionsmemory.

dbx dateien in windows live mail importieren

The software then automatically detects the current default location of Windows Mail. If your current system does not have Windows Live Mail, select the destination path.

After that, you can click Convert to start the specific process of converting Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail. process

Migration from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail will also be completed shortly.

Outlook Express To Windows Live Mail Converter – Direct DBX Import

Outlook Files Express DBX to Live Mail Converter is a new tool with many features. Various tools are available to move Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail. But some struggle to find the best one. Turg’s Outlook Express DBX reverting to the EML migration utility has many useful features. It has a very interactive and correspondingly simple interface. In addition to this software, you can directly transfer Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail. It is also possible to selectively convert DBX files to the desired format. No utilities or external media required. Therefore, to import an Outlook Express DBX report into Windows Live Mail,We just need to download Outlook Express DBX Converter to your personal system. Then export the EML files from the Windows Live Mail DBX files to the file computer’s hard drive. Finally, you need to manually transfer the EML files to your Windows Live Mail account.

Why Should You Choose Outlook Express DBX As Your Windows Live Mail Converter?

1. The dbx converter allows you to bulk import Outlook Express DBX into the EML component. In addition, there is no limit to the number of Express Outlook email addresses you can convert.

2. The tool allows our team to selectively migrate the Outlook Express that composes emails to Windows Live Mail. If owners want to migrate a few selected downloads, there is no need to move the entire mailbox.

3. Outlook To Express Windows Live Mail Converter offers a very simple and user-friendly interface. Specify that any consumer can successfully import DBX emails with this utility.

4. Ability to currently choose the destination path to transfer Outlook Express Windows to Live Mail. You can choose any path to output files.

5. Special optionSmart View, which allows you to view details of all accompanying files in use, along with their attachments. You can easily check the preview of all DBX emails.

6. The Outlook Express file naming option is available if you want to perform a live migration from Windows Mail. Output options for various combinations of topics, dates, etc.


In the blog post above, we laughed and talked about the full transition from Outlook Express to dbx Windows Live Mail. Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail Converter is a reliable utility for converting DBX files to EML format. In addition, it has many great features that provide an accurate process of migrating Outlook Express Windows to Live Mail. A special DEMO version of the tool is available. You can download it to learn more about the weapon.