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    Lenny is the code manager for the older DebianStable distribution. Was it released as Debian GNU / Linux 5.0 on February 15, 2007? Has been superseded by Debian / Squeeze on 06/02/2011. It has been archived and boit doesn’t get any stability updates anymore.

    Debian / Lenny Life Cycle

    Before Posting

    • 2006-11-16: codename allocation declared

    • 2008-07-27: Debian testing hung, see announcement

    Publications And Updates

    • 15.02.2009: First version: 5.0.0 (press release) .

    • 04/11/2009: update (5.0.1) (preparation; multimedia version) .

    • 06/27/2009: update (5.0.2) (press release) .

    • 09/05/2009: update (5.0.3) (press release) .

    • debian kernel howto lenny

      01/30/2010: update (5.0.4) (press release) .

    • 06/26/2010: Update (5.0.5) (press release) .

    • Approved

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      04/09/2010: Update (5.0.6) (press release) .

    • 11/27/2010: Update (5.0.7) (press release) .

    • debian kernel howto lenny

      January 22, 2011: update (5.0.8) (press release) .

    • 02/06/2011, Lenny: may be out of date. (i.e. Debian released a new cab: Squeeze)

    • 2011-10-01: update (5.0.9) (press -release) . :

    • 02/06/2012 End of security updates / End of daily life. ( Message) .

    • March 10, 2012: update (5.0.10) (press release) .


    • New port of EABI hand, “armel”
    • Undoubtedly Lenny is officially supported on the following architectures: alpha, amd64, supply, armel, hppa, i386, ia64, mips, mipsel , powerpc, s390, sparc. (See Lenny’s Page and Exemption Criteria, Status).

    • ARM port is out of date

    New Features

    • Lenny’s Press Release

    • NewInLenny.

    • Publication objectives

      • official

      • reporting rules

      • < li>

        latest update

    • DebianInstaller / LennyGoals

    Packages and Versions

    • apt 0.7.20
    • kernel: linux 2.6.26 systems
    • libc: libc6 2.7
    • gcc (space) 4: 4.3. 2
    • X Server: Xorg 7.3
    • FHS 2.3
    • LSB 3.2

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • You will find a lot of advice in the 5.0.0 press release or information type. and typos.

    • Q) I couldn’t load my server in my spare time, how can I install or manage existing packages? Using
      • to list in your sources.list:
        •  deb lenny basic contrib non-freedeb lenny / updates principle contrib CD is not free 


    • Download:

    • Package Repository:

    • Installation ::
    • Upgrading from Etch: Etch2LennyUpgrade

    • DebianDesktopInLenny

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    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.