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    You should try these recovery methods when the DirectX registration key error code appears on your computer. g.Launch Regedit by pressing Win + R to open the Run window, so type Regedit and press Enter.Locate the following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft DirectX.Just click on 2 version bottles and each of our rooms is from 4.09. 00.0904 to 4.08.




    Warning: DirectX 9.0c is no longer required as a prerequisite for the latest version / release of our products. This information is intended only for users of older versions.

    The easiest way to test DirectX 9.0c

    The easiest way to test your actual DirectX level is to download and run our DirectX Test Tool . Good size download (~ 70KB) and exe file (exe, no installation required). However, if you wish, you can perform a manual check. Our DirectSound products use DirectX 9.0c hardware (dsound.dll and Microsoft.DirectX.DirectSound.dll).

    9 directx.0c registry check (Windows 10/8/7 / Vista / XP)

    1. Start Registry Editor by typingStart – All Programs – Accessories Run – and sort “regedit”. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE SOFTWARE Microsoft DirectX. The “version” should be if someone has installed 9.0c. In “DirectX ”the master key is missing, 9.0c is not entered. Attention, DO NOT change these values ​​manually! This may not work and cause severe problems when Windows starts up. Editing the registry is final for advanced users.

    Check DirectSound Date (Windows XP)

    1. To find DirectX 9.0c, go to the Help section.Start Race, enter “DXDIAG” and just click “OK”. If this pop-up is moved up, the DirectX Diagnostic Tool (Figure 1).
    2. In the DirectX Diagnostic Tool – System tab (Figure 1) to view DirectX version 9.0c. If you are pitting previous versions against each other, you should definitely update them.
    3. In the DirectX Diagnostic Tool – DirectX Files tab (Figure 2), locate dsound.dll. It must be dated no later than March 9th. Or check today in the dsound.File dll for the C: WINDOWS SYSTEM32 folder (or anytime before installing Windows). Also look for DirectX.DirectSound.dll from Microsoft. It must be dated February 2007 or later.

    Check DirectSound Date (Windows 10/8/7 / Vista)


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    The above registry check is generally sufficient. Windows® 10/8/7 … To Windows® 10/8/7 Even if you check the DirectX Diagnostic Tool (as described in the XP section above), DirectX 10 or 11 does not necessarily mean DirectX 9.0c is installed !! (See Figure 3.) And a program that requires directx.0c 9 will not work at all if DirectX 9.0c is not installed, even if DirectX-10 is installed or installed later.

    DirectX Sound Test (Windows XP)

    1. UseStart Race, enter “DXDIAG” and click “OK”. This DirectX Diagnostic Tool (Figure 1) is minimized.
    2. For DirectX – File Diagnostic Tool (Figure 2) Is there a No Problem in the Notes box below?
    3. Force-click the DirectSound Test button in the DirectX Diagnostic Tool – Sound Tab. This should be provided by your audio hardware and will most likely be DirectX drivers.
    4. If you are having problems with any of the above problems, you can even find functions to fix Any problems on the “Additional Help” tab.

    directx reg key

    Find a unique Windows registry keyLocal Computer HKey SOFTWARE Microsoft DirectX, Version =… Usually DirectX 9.0c is installed if it is detected and then accurately recognizes the version.

    directx reg key

    Test the sound directly using the Windows DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Note, however, that even if this analysis shows that your sound is functioning properly, it can still be difficult. Our products use DirectX managed components are not checked by this tool. But this research finding may be a more general problem.



    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.

    In Windows 98, CE, NT, and 2000, the Registry Manager is an organizational unit within the entire Windows Registry, the internal database in which the computer currently stores customization suggestions. This allows the system, as well as its applications, to load the globalnew and then individual configurations at startup and connect to them.

    To use the DirectX Diagnostic Tool to check which DirectX package is installed on your computer, use the Start button and the dxdiag category in the search box, then type media coverage.In the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, make a decision on the System tab, and then clearly check the DirectX version number in the System Information section.

    To find DirectX 9.0c, go back to Start – Run, format “DXDIAG” and click OK. The DirectX Diagnostic Tool will open (Figure 1). In the DirectX Diagnostic Tool – System Tab (Figure 1), you will see DirectX version 9.0c.