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    Here are some easy ways to solve the problem of displaying PDF thumbnails in Windows Explorer. g.Open Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.In some Options dialog boxes, select General from the Categories Only list, and then select the Enable PDF Thumbnail Preview for Windows Explorer check box.Click on OK.




    Installed version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC on Windows 10 PC sometimes does not display PDF images to wireWindows nickname, and only the standard file icon is displayed.

    If you are Adobe and use Acrobat Reader DC and don’t see my PDF thumbnails in explorer, everyone should enable it in Acrobat Reader preferences.

    Steps To Enable Thumbnail Preview For PDF Files

    If you are not thumbnailing pages in the actual Navigation Pane, try F4 when you want to open the Navigation Pane. Or choose View> Show / Hide> Navigation Panes> Page Thumbnails.

    Note. If you have an older version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, please update to the latest version using the link below.

    Open Acrobat Reader DC. Go to the Edit menu and select Preferences. Or you can press Ctrl + K to open the settings

    In the element’s left margin, select “Categories” from this special list. Select the Enable PDF Thumbnail Preview option in the Small Fortune Check program in Windows Explorer.Loading = “lazy”


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    Scroll to png and click OK. Acrobat Reader asks for personal confirmationwaiting to set the function. Click Yes.

    This activates the thumbnail preview of the PDF file in the file explorer.

    You can also preview PDFs using File Explorer Preview Lite. With the file preview, your family members can preview the file in the coastal area.

    To quickly enable file preview, you can press ALT + P or you must be able to enable it from the top ribbon in the file explorer to enable this task … Go to the Preview menu and just go to the preview window.

    The most desirable approach is to use the ALT + P technique to quickly open the main preview window. Preview windows work in addition to most file types. You can preview PDFs, photos, and even videos by simply clicking on the image. To close the preview window, press ALT + P again.

    You can drag the preview window to the left to enlarge it.

    You can even set up another free PDF website reader app if Acrobat DC Reader can’t display thumbnails in File Explorer. Foxit Reader, Nitro Reader, and Slim PDF are other free alternatives to Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    RECOMMENDED: convertb Word files to PDF using Google Docs and OneDrive

    On a Windows computer, Explorer may not display thumbnails of PDFs, but instead displays the default PDF icon. This can also happen if you have disabled the Always Show for Icons, Not Thumbnails option in the View tab of the Folder Options dialog box.

    This information shows how to activate PDF thumbnails and the PDF preview function (for the preview area) in Explorer, provided that you are using Adobe PDF Reader.

    [Fix] PDF Thumbnail And Preview Not Showing In File Explorer

    Adobe Acrobat Reader includes a thumbnail extractor as well as a preview manager shell extension that generates PDF thumbnails and applies the preview in the explorer preview area. PDF thumbnails can be turned on or off automatically using the Adobe Reader Preferences dialog box.

    Enable Or Disable PDF Thumbnails In File Explorer In Preferences

    Open Adobe Adobe Reader, click “Edit”, “Settings”. In the General section, enable Enable PDF thumbnail preview in Windows Explorer .

    Note. If you have disabled PDF images, existing PDF files can display the set and thumbnails from the cache. The cache thumbnail should be cleaned up with Disk Cleanup.

    Enable Or Disable PDF Preview In File Explorer Preview

    display pdf thumbnails in windows explorer

    When you install (or reinstall) Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, the Thumbnail Extractor and Preview Manager appear in the list automatically.

    To turn off the PDF file preview in the Explorer window, follow these steps:

    1. Run Regedit.exe and go to the appropriate branch:
       HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE  SOFTWARE  Microsoft  Windows  CurrentVersion  PreviewHandlers 
    2. Select an option from the File menu Export “…” and save the branch in the current REG file.
    3. Right-click the Adobe PDF Preview Manager GUID, typically DC6EFB56-9CFA-464D-8880-44885D7DC193 , and select Delete. Yes
    4. click when prompted to confirm.
    5. ForClose Registry Editor.
    6. Log out and back in for the update to take effect.

    display pdf thumbnails in windows explorer

    To enable the PDF Preview Manager, add the value DC6EFB56-9CFA-464D-8880-44885D7DC193 . Probably concatenate the .reg file you supported in step 4 above.

    Automation With REG Files

    To automate the activation or removal of PDFs as PDF previews and thumbnails in File Explorer, use these .REG files. Download, extract product and files on the table. Run the appropriate REG file to enable or disable thumbnails, provide previews of PDFs, or turn off previews of PDFs in the preview area of ​​the explorer.

    That’s all! This can fix the issue with thumbnails of explorer PDFs in Windows.

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    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.

    If you are using Acrobat, just open the PDF and press Ctrl + D to change all of these properties. Right click the columns in explorer and display them with title and description and it should show.

    In the System Properties window, under the Performance heading, select Settings. Now, in the Performance Options dialog box, click the Visual Effects tab. Check all “Show thumbnails instead of icons” in the “Custom:” section. Click OK with Apply to save your changes.