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    You may receive an error code indicating replication error 13508. There are several ways to fix this problem, and we’ll get back to it shortly. g.FRS Event ID 13508 is a warning that the FRS-FRS File Replication Service (FRS) is a Microsoft Windows Server product and service that is used to distribute shared files and GPOs. It is also known as NTFRS for all the executables that run most of the service. One of the main uses of FRS is for certain SYSVOL shares. ›RSS Feed› File_Replication_Service File Replication Service – Wikipedia was unable to establish a detailed RPC connection with a specific replication partner. This indicates that FRS is having difficulty enabling replication through this partner and will continue to experiment with establishing a connection.




    I have errors 13509, 13508, how do I fix these types of errors?

    1. Investigate this FRS event ID 13508, which can identify a computer that FRS is still unable to communicate with.

    2. Determine if the remote computer is working properly and make sure FRS is in place at runtime. In the commandprompt on any computer that has FRS Record ID 13508 registered, type the following, and then press ENTER:

      version ntfrsutl

      error 13508 replication

      If this fails, test connectivity using ping control to ping the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the website of the remote global controller from the computer that is consuming FRS event 13508. If that fails, fix one issue with DNS or TCP / IP. If this item is successful, verify that the FRS provider is running on the remote space controller.

    3. Determine if FRS has recently been able to contact the remote IT support computer by looking at FRS performance ID 13509 in the tree event to determine if FRS malfunction is related to handling recent network changes, firewalls, DNS configuration, or correlated Active Directory infrastructure …

    4. Determine if something between the two computers can drop traffic, RPC such as software and and a router.

    5. Make sure Active Directory replica is working. For more information about troubleshooting Active Directory replication, see Troubleshoot Active Directory Replication for similar issues.

    This is a question related to the previous question about securing read-only domain controllers and domain controllers. Basically I am making changes related to domain controllers on my network. I want to add a writable domain controller 2008R2 as well as RODC 2008R2 to my domain.

    I’ve created pretty much every writable DC 2008R2 named “DC-04” that is configured and works great with each other. When I run dcdiag / v on this new domain controller, the FRS hard test fails. This error matches event 13508 I received, which says:

    “File Replication Service cannot enable replication from DC-02 to DC-04 for c: windows sysvol domain, which uses the DNS name FRS may keep trying.”

    DC-02 is running 2003R2 x86, then all 5 FSMO roles are also included

    There is another DC calledDC-03, which also runs 2003R2 x86, there is no slippage on DC-04 when processing this DC

    event ID 13508
    Source NtFrs
    Description The File Replication Service has problems resolving replication from NWVAL1 to Server_Name to c: winnt sysvol domain using DNS name% 4 the Fed will continue to try.
    Event Information According to Microsoft: “
    The File Replication Service (FRS) cannot interrupt the remote make procedure. (RPC) -Connect to the replication dame but will try anyway. This event is logged only once per computer.
    error 13508 replication


    The firewall is stopping replication.
    There is a DNS configuration problem.
    The synthetic version on another partner site doesn’t know about the replica package yet.


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    User Action
    If the ntfrs 13509 event appears in Event Viewer at the same time, the web siteNo Visitor action required. NTFRS 13509 registered NTFRS from 13508 for all four hours.

    If NTFRS 13509 is probably not registered with Event Viewer, do one or all of the following:
    Examine NTFRS 13508 in fi replication les Customer Service Log at the event. A flag indicating which computer FRS was unable to communicate with.
    Determine if the remote computer should work as expected and check if FRS is working. To verify that the service is running on the computer that registers NTFRS 13508, at a command prompt, type:
    If this command fails to move, check the network online from the private computer that is running NTFRS. 13508 registered
    If the ping for the name of the remote domain controller fails, simply fix the problem as DNS-TCP / IP or a problem. If each of our remote domain controller names are validated successfully, make sure FRS is running on our remote domain controller.

    Determine if FRS owners have ever been able to communicate with the remote computerm by simply searching the FRS log in Event Viewer for NTFRS 13509 and checking for the latest changes. Networks, Firewalls, DNS Configuration, and National Active Reference Infrastructure for Correlation.

    Determine if there are many between the two computers that can block traffic, RPC is like a firewall with a router.

    Make sure Active Directory is on.

    Active Directory replication does not occur immediately after running ForestPrep on a specific Windows 2000 server

    Referral links Active replication Directory does not work correctly after launching ForestPrep

    XADM: Active Directory replication does not occur after launching ForestPrep

    Error messages every 5 minutes Report events 1000, 1001 and 13508 with a link to the replication product: Error

    Microsoft Windows operating system version: 5.2 Event Source: NtFrs Event ID: 13508

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