In this blog post, we’re going to identify some of the possible causes that might cause the iphone 5 error 1611 and then suggest possible solutions that you can try to resolve.


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    For iTunes error 1611, this error may indicate a corresponding hardware issue with your iPhone. Apple Support and the Apple Community invite you to test your USB devices and third-party security software. In most cases, third-party security software will interrupt the new connection between iTunes and Apple’s servers.

    While the progress bar is restoring, the group on the phone may walk half the distance or not walk until it reaches the 1611 mark.

    I’ve been trying for the past 6 months and trying to fix it.

    I used a shorter cable (about six inches long) to connect my phone to my Imac. I have personally removed the extra USB devices.

    error 1611 iphone 5

    I filled in “#” in front of GS.APPLE.COM in the host file.

    Upgrade your Mac or PC. Install tweets for your Mac.Connect directly to your computer. Connect the iOS app directly to a USB port on your computer (not a connected keyboard, or just a USB hub).Start over.Check your software for personal safety.Try again

    Then, while I was doing some extra work (I was trying to pass the exams right now), Imac, the best, had a central panic and refueled.

    When I rebooted I tried every restore and it worked and my own 3g came to life.

    Note. I did not go into DFU mode because the group stopped working due to a broken Home button. I didn’t delete anything.
    error 1611 iphone 5

    Error 1611 Apple iPhone device password problem, which is an Apple and iTunes bug that is mostly common for iPhone smartphone users. So today we’re probably going to fix this whole buggy problem on your part and fix it for good. Take a look at it in full below,

    This unique error code 1611 is one of the most common errors when restoring this particular iPhone.IPhone

    Failed to return Unknown error occurred Error 1611

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    • iTunes Error
    • There is a problem with the iPod.
    • Unable to restore iPhone.
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    Here are some quick tips and tricks to easily recover and fix this iPod Error 1611, an Apple iPhone password problem that you keep recurring.

    How To Fix IPod Error 1611, Apple IPhone Password Problem

    Update iTunes to the latest version.Refresh your PC or Mac.Update iOS.Force restart your iPhone.Reboot your computer.Connect iPhone to computer with USB cable.Fix iTunes error 4005 in DFU mode.

    1. Start the recovery mode for the disconnected phone –

    • turn on your iPhone
    • Then open iTunes.
    • Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable.
    • Press and hold the Home + Sleep / Wake button for a few seconds.
    • Now release the power switch.
    • You will see the “iTunes Login Screen”.
    • Your new iphone4 will now be recognized as “recovery mode”.
    • Backing up and restoring data
    • Done

    Restoring Working Mode on New iPhone 4 is an easy way to fix this iPad error 1611 for you.

    2.Ã Reset device settings to …

    One of the best ways to fix error 1611 on iPhone 3gs is to factory reset your device. This should make a lot of changes to your device. Do it better too. I know most of the boring and unpleasant tasks, but this will help.

    • Press and hold the Home and Sleep button at the same time (about 24 seconds).
    • Reload
    • Done.

    It will restart your musical instrument so that these computer problems related to iPad error 1611 can be resolved. Hope it works.

    3. Perform a factory reset on your iPhone –

    • Go to main settings
    • Click General.
    • Then click “Reset and Approve” to access it.
    • Done

    After setting up the iPhone at the factory, the. this plan doesn’t work for this 1611 smartphone issue.

    4. iTunes Software Update –

    Update your iTunes apps to fix iTunes error code 1611 issues easily.

    5.Ã Reset these special network settings –

    • Go to settings
    • Select in the General tab.
    • Click here for a kind of “Reset Network Settings”.
    • That’s all, it will definitely be.

    Update iTunes. If you see error 3194 in Apple iTunes, your first step in fixing the concept is simple: update Apple to the latest version.Check your network connection and security software.Edit someone else’s host files.Try another computer.Get help from Apple.

    To fix this iPhone error 1611 issue, reset all network settings.

    6. Clear cookies, cache and history –

    This is an easy way to get iPad error code 1611 every time, usually to clear cookies, cache and device history. For this

    • Open Settings.
    • Click
    • in the Safari browser.

    • Select the specific option “Delete website data”.
    • Done.

    To fix error 1611, disconnect your iPod from your netbook. Disconnect the USB cable and charge itthrough a different port. Don’t touch your iPod yet. Reboot your computer.

    All your web caches and web dataThe articles, as well as the history of this bug with code 1611 will be removed in order to fix the problems with the iPhone.

    7. Change the battery in your phone –


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    By replacing the iPhone, this battery can fix Apple Error Code 1611.

    These are the quick and best ways to completely fix this iPod Error 1611-iPhone-Apple Device Code error for your needs. Hope these solutions help you fix this problem with error code 1611.

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    If you come across this notification frequently or this advice iPod error 1611. Apple iPhone device code error leading to the bug issue, please comment on the error issue below so that we can also fix the game and solve it in the best possible way. instructions for quick methods.

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