Today’s article is written to help you if you get a 1716-slot x Drive Array error message.

g.Disk Array Slot Number 1716 – Fatal media errors encountered on disks during history recovery or background surface analysis (ARM). Errors are eliminated sequentially when overwriting the sector (s). Backup and restore is recommended. Continue backing up and restoring data to the new drive.




Hyper-V crashed on my computer running Internet 2012 R2. The operating system boots or boots and switches to the Windows 2012 Recovery Hosting server. No host-level copy. VM support only

1716-Slot-X Drive Array – Fatal media errors on drives during

. recognized
error 1716-slot x drive array

Previous surface background reconstruction or analysis (ARM). There will definitely be errors

I’m still waiting to hear what Power has to say. I actually see this when there are server issues: (((

I’m sorry this happened, Praz. I just replied to your dashboard, but of course I’ll post it here in case you missed it 🙂 Would be a great resource too. Just write on aPlease contact