In this guide, we will learn about some of the possible causes that can cause error 2360 0x938, and then we will give you several ways to solve the problem.



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Object: Process face = “Arial” D: Lotus Domino nRnRMgr.EXE (2360 / 0x938) has an abnormal

Face = “Arial” Return type: Face = “Arial “ Face =” Arial “ Problem

Product line:
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Technical area: Functionality
Platform: Windows 2003- Server
Publication: 8.0
Reproducible: Not reproducible < / td>

The server connected to the member server had mail routing issues, it also accepts and distributes, but emails that do not go beyond that may route outgoing emails to the website url rather than through them. Redirect to the notified SMTP host.

After restarting the change, the engineering issue was resolved.

A new error message may be noted at the bottom of this log file “
Process D: Lotus Domino nRnRMgr.EXE (2360 / 0x938) crashed “

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error 2360 0x938

Review number WEBB7G8CDQ created ~ Yentl Zekboosiberggon on 04/07/2008

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D: Lotus Domino nRnRMgr.EXE … (~ Yentl Zekbusi … July 4, 2008)
… ** cr ** ** cr ** RnRMgr.exe (~ Nita Catreber … July 4, 2008)
… … -. Thank you (~ Yentl Zekbusi … July 7, 2008)

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error 2360 0x938

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I understand that if there is no account on the Accounts tab of the client push installation properties, SCCM will take full advantage of the site server computer account to install the ConfigMgr client. It only fails in the following scenario:

I need a global group called SMSAdmins. This group contains the site Web server computer account (WCAS131). This global mass resides in the local admin community on all of my client computers. In this case, installation of the push cartridge will fail. The ccm.log displays:

—> ERROR: Could not connect to all shares \XPFIVE admin $ with account “Machine $$

—> ERROR: Target computer for request: “BLAGDSAD”, tool name: “XPFIVE”, code: error 5 not available $$ < Thread = 2360 (0x938)>

If I add the device account for WCAS131 to the surrounding Client Computer Administrators group, the installation is successful.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

If I add the task_sms_client account, which is a set of SMSAdmins, to the list of accounts for client push installation, the installation will certainly succeed.

I was able to reproduce this behavior in two different SCCM 2007 configurations. Am I working something wrong, or is this a better bug?