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    If you get an error code 2727 while installing on your computer, this user guide can help. g.Internal error 2727 occurs because Windows Installer cannot resolve this directory. The DefaultDir column contains an invalid or missing method that caused the error.




    I have a Visual Studio installer project that uses each of our msiexec.File exe to create a delete item like in >> CE << about SO.I

    . describe

    When you run the installer by double-clicking this setup.exe file, the “Wait for compilation to start” screen almost does not flash on the windshield before I run into my error.

    The installer displays an unexpected error while installing this single package. This indicates that an error may have occurred with this package. The computer error code is 2727.

    I encountered several MSI error codes and error code 2727 also means

    Entry for folder "[2]" is not available in the table catalog .

    Can someone show me how to fix this? What should I do ?

    As suggested by Cosmin for Pirvu, I created this error log for my installer. After trying thismy project error seems to be the result and also a link to the remote msiexec.exe file that I am using along with my [ProductCode] project to provide a delete link to build.

    The document file below says that my installation failed when the whole installer tries to create a small file for msiexec.exe. Another error persists when trying to display the error icon.


    The >> install.log file on google << sites will likely be the result of my error log file (hint: just search multiple Return 3 values ​​to get all errors). Yes

    I have a link to uninstall in an install project that was previously linked to the uninstall.En bat batch file for my entire main project:

      @ echo% windir%  system32  msiexec.exe / x% 1 

    The arguments of the delete link turned into [ProductCode] just because the inversion of / x is captured in the bol code.

    The Visual Studio installer has undoubtedly created a folder that contains some required DLLs.

    error code 2727 installation

    You can fix this by changing the “Keep unused directories” sharing setting. Usually the highest option is No, but if the cleaner code does not determine that the directory is actually in use and therefore should remain there, you may need to change it to Yes or add this link to the table. Allowed directories that InstallShield Constructs correctly recognize / p>

    If the directory does not appear, you can identify usage problems and remove it from your project. Note that the following GUID in the name of the current directory indicates that it is still from the merge module. The index and its use may or may not be included in the assignment itself.


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    MSI Help (Microsoft Installer) 2727: Directory access ” [2] ” does not exist in some directory table.

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