Recently, some users encountered a known error code with errors when executing a child request for the server.execute handler. This problem can occur for many reasons. Now let’s discuss some of them.


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    This post will help you resolve an issue where an error occurs (executing a child request element) when navigating from an actual ASP.NET page to an Active Pages server page in (asp) Internet Information Services (IIS). you you


    If you want to try Server.Transfer or Server.Execute in your ASP.NET page checkout for an ASP .NET page to a wonderful ASP page you can find error message:

    error executing child request for handler server.execute

    New request failed for PageName.asp.

    Internal error message PageName.In asp is the name associated with your ASP.Send page


    error executing child request for handler server.execute

    iiis often requests Server.Transfer or execute for any appropriate Internet Server Application Interface (ISAPI) programming extension, depending on the format of the requested file. B. A request for a global.aspx web page that is sent by an ISAPI extension to Aspnet_isapi.dll.


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    Once an authorization request has been sent to the appropriate ISAPI extension, that ISAPI extension cannot call any other ISAPI extension. you p You receive the "Symptoms" error that is mentioned in the "Symptoms" section because the Aspnet_isapi.dll file that actually requests the ASP.NET pages cannot pass the request to the asp .Qui file. dll Request handles for ASP pages. Solve it


    In the event of a problem, use the Response.Redirect structure to redirect the request from the fancy ASP.NET page to the ASP page.


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  • I have a problem accessing the home page. initially i use "server. but transfer" still nothing works.

    session["username"] is equal to username.text; both (roles == "administrator, user") Server.Transfer("~/Admin/Home.aspx"); else if (roles == "manager, user") Server.Transfer("~/Manager/Home.aspx"); otherwise just in case (roles == "user") Server.Transfer("~/User/Home.aspx");

    When logging into the manager and the admin home page, this works. However, if I personally want to access the home On this page of the PC user; You get Not an error: child request /OMC1/User/Home for.aspx.

    The goal was to create a flexible 404 error page for the EPi server operator (administrator). To do this, I created a new simple page type called ErrorPageType (with a very simple aspx file):

    [Page type("633fd95b-d6bd-41e5-bc6b- 19bc0247f599 ",
    Title matches "Error page" ,
    Filename="/Templates/Pages/ErrorPage.aspx")]< br> < span color="#0000ff">publicclassErrorPageType: TypedPageData

    [< span size="1">PageTypeProperty(EditCaption = "Page title compression failed",
    SortOrder = 0,
    UniqueValuePerLanguage = true, required
    I had a bug = false )]
    Public virtualtitle channel page obtained; set; face="Consolas">[PageTypeProperty(EditCaption = "Text error on blog page" < span face= "Consolas">,
    SortOrder=1 ,
    UniqueValuePerLanguage=true, required
    false ,
    Color="#0000ff">publicvirtualString MainBody { get;

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