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    This user guide will help you if you encounter Veritas errors when reading data from a file.

    This message appears in our scheduled backups after 600,000 backups and then stops until we come all morning and cancel.

    Our planned works will begin immediately if we restore them a month earlier.

    but before the scheduled task was completed, we took an inventory of the drive to make sure the tape is recognized by the software, but there is always an error if we fix it the day before. Post has been edited
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    The error “Data prepared for reading from media has become incompatible” (e00084ca HEX or a00084cd HEX) occurs when performing a backup, restore, test, assembly copy, or catalog copy.

    Error Message

    Final error code: e00084ca HEX (0xe00084ca HEX) or a00084cd HEX (0xa00084cd HEX)

    Description of the last error: Data read from any medium is inconsistent.

    Job log error text: A mismatch was found on the media in% s.


    - Data read from portable media is incompatible .

    Error :

    final 0xe00084ca bis The read data provided by the media is incompatible .

    Event ID: 57612 – Source: Backup Exec – Type: Error – Description: Format mismatch detected while reading any tape operation from gadget% device% / p>

    Event ID: 57608 – Source: Backup Exec – Type: Error – Description: Format mismatch detected when starting positioning on device ‘% device%’ to perform a tape scan.

    V-379-57612 Event ID: 57612 A format mismatch was previously detected during a tape read operation on the device


    An error occurs when Backup Exec reads one tape or backup-to-disk (B2D) folder prior to backup while looking for a recovery after a backup, catalog job, or other recovery marks “End” for data “arrives unexpectedly. This actual error can be caused by various reasons, such as a power outage of the tape drive or the Internet, a conflict between the system or engine, or a streamer losing a bad tape or B2D folder or damaged.


    A. If this error can recur, try one or all of the following steps to frequently fix your tape / hardware issue:

    error reading file data veritas

    2. Try switching to a different tape in use again, or try using the same tape in a different drive while you are away.

    Little. Quickly wipe or wipe off the strip.

    4. Check Event Viewer if other errors occur and troubleshoot Event IDs on screws and bolts (tape or controller). Please refer to really For more information, see the “Related Documents” section of this article.

    5. Make sure my hardware and firmware have the latest driver installed.

    6. ApplyRefer to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for further troubleshooting if the same errors occur when using the native Windows backup application.

    1. To display the Support tab in Backup Exec.

    2. Right-click the ad that generated the entire error.


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    3rd party go to properties and check the statistics.

    Several “hard” read errors, possibly typos, indicate a problem with the ribbon, so a new cartridge is recommended.

    C. This if the error occurs in your own backup-to-disk (B2D) folder:

    1. Job properties can be changed by overriding their “general” parameter in the job properties window.

    2. Try a backup with a new B2D

    phone book

    4. Find DIY Event IDs in the Event Viewer system tree. (5,7,9,11,15)

    6. Run Check Now on your hard drive (right click on the drive and go to Properties> go to Tools Reject and click Check Now to check for errors).Note. However, this can be done at startup.

    Please refer to Document the scope of this article for additional troubleshooting steps.

    Enable SGmon debugging and check the SGmon protocol type. Additional debug logging can be enabled to report the following errors for the logs:

    [tpfmt] - RD_TranslateDBLK: No translator found for block type 103. Returns 0xe00084cd.

    In such a situation, run the tape drive / library read / write utility frequently. If this particular utility reports an error, contact your tape drive manufacturer for further diagnostics.

    Workaround: If you don’t have confirmation, run a backup until the hardware manufacturer creates a problem.

    E. When getting Event ID: 57612 and Event ID: 57608 from Application Log:

    This special event was reported in the Application log because the Backup Exec Job Engine or the Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Server detected an inconsistencyEffects in data format on all media during replay operation (retrieval, performance monitoring, copy tuning or cataloging, without using media catalogs). This could have been the result of an unexpected end to the appearance of data. This could be the result of a power failure on the cartridge drive and / or backup server during a backup operation. If this happens frequently, there is no data from this point on related to the system read error. It can also be a real problem with fast positioning, and Pengaturan “Use fast file recovery” can fix this problem to zero in the entire registry.

    Warning. Misuse of the Windows Registry Manager can be disastrous for a good server operating system. You can be very careful when making changes to the Windows Registry. Registry changes should only be made by persons trained in the use of the Computer Registry Editor.

    For Backup Exec 11D and above, see the primary factor entry listed below:

    4. Double-click the desired time. Use fast file recovery.

    five . In the DWORD editor discussion, edit Set data to 0 (zero) and press OK ! !

    6. Exit. Regedt32.

    7. Start all Exec Backup Services.

    No tea Performing a restore can significantly increase the time it takes for a full read.

    error reading file data veritas

    Warning : Do not reset the Use Fast File Recovery option to zero once and for all. Once the repair process is complete, reset the fun by one. Do not receive backup jobs while the registry value is zero.

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