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    The most useful catalog for beginners is Stanley Gibbons’ Simplified World Stamp Catalog, in six volumes, which lists the stamps of the countries of the world in alphabetical order, from Abu Dhabi to Zululand. Philately


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    Color Errors

    This type of error is caused by using the wrong pigment ink when printing. When a concept includes more than one color, the actual shades are applied with a piece of hard rubber that determines how much of the tile is considered that color. Each segment is made from pieces of rubber treated and dipped in the appropriate color ink. The process continues until all parts of the sign are colored according to the trends. If the press uses ink from the wrong color palette, the stamp will have a preview error.

    Watermark Errors

    Watermarks are used to prevent counterfeiting and give stamps a distinctive look. . Watermark errors occur when the printer inserts a sheet of watermarked paper into the print, simply clicks incorrectly, causing the watermark to flip or move sideways in relation to the printed image. Reverse watermarks occur when paper is fed upside down into the press, resulting inThe fake image appears on the wrong side of the ads. It is important to note that experts claim that some stamps (for example, those intended for use in brochures) were intentionally printed with the watermark upside down, and this is not considered an error.

    error stamp catalog

    The first postage stamps did not indicate the means of separation and the stamps were usually already cut by hand with scissors. This was not a very cheap method, and stamps made with it are now considered non-perforated, or possibly non-perforated. Because many non-perforated stamps were later issued with perforations, collectors should be aware that the material may have been cut when purchasing the stamps. The margins of all four components of a non-perforated real die must be wide, and the total thickness of the die must be greater than the hole spacing associated with the perforated die.mpom.

    What Is An Error. Stamp?

    Shipping die error refers to various types of errors that are most likely to occur during the manufacturing process of a die and prevent the finished product from looking as intended. It includes just about everything from major design errors and missing design pieces to wrong colors, wrong sections, and misplaced or flipped theme elements.


    Error stamp, each one contains several types of errors in this stamp printing process that result in die wear that does not look as expected. Errors include using wrong colors, wrong denominations, missing parts due to design, inverted or misplaced elements, etc. The term “error” is usually reserved for obvious errors close to production This process (eventually) that spread over many repeating brands. while outright deviations or poor quality are known as “freaks” or “quirks”. Plate problems such as cracks, wear, unevenness and/or possibly permanent defects, as well as plate repairs such as re-entry, are also not considered defects.

    it is a very lucrative hobby of all for ages. However, this tool can become quite a challenge if your company is not familiar with the meaning of human seal related terminology that is widely used by collectors and dealers.

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    The software to fix your PC is just a click away - download it now.