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    If you have Wix error status 1603 on your computer, I hope this user guide will help you. Reference Information. Error 1603 is a true general Windows error, which means that some sync installers cannot run. Next steps: Make sure you usually run the sync installer as administrator on Windows: right-click the sync installer and select “Run as administrator”.

    Reference Information. Error 1603 is a general Windows error that means that the sync installer could not be started. Next steps: Make sure you are running the sync installer as an administrator on Windows: Right-click the sync installer and select Run as administrator.

    I installed a .NET 4 desktop application and when I try to run Setup.exe I get the corresponding error in the log file.

    Close this background software.Make sure the software application is not already installed.Check if there is enough disk space for the entire program .Open the Add/Remove Program tool.Deleting temporary files from someone’s Windows temporary folder.Restart the Windows Installer service.

    Invoke MSI (E8:1C) [16:51:54:890]: Remote custom action. DLL: C:windowsInstallerMSIFECD.Entrypoint: tmp, EncryptConfigSFXCA: extract custom actions to temporary directory: C:windowsInstallerMSIFECD.tmp-nSFXCA: Bind CLR to v4.0.30319Calling the additional action SecureConfig!SecureConfig.CustomActions.EncryptConfigConfiguration Encryption: Getting StartedAn error occurred while creating the full partition manager configuration for security reasons: the file or assembly "Order.Configuration.Net" or even one of its dependencies may not be loaded. The system cannot find the specified file. (C:Program Files (x86)Orbit SystemOrbit order Order System.exe.config, line 6)CustomAction EncryptConfigurationFile returned error code 1603 (note that this may not be 100% accurate if the translation comes out in a sandbox)Action completed at 16:51:55: InstallFinalize. Return value 3.

    I can Verify which `Order.Configuration.Net.dll’ exists in the destination folder, since it is an application configuration file.


    I’ve spent hours trying to figure out what the error means, since all attachments are indeed present in the target file. I actually copied the WIX setting from a previous resolution I was working on years ago and it works in high quality without any issues.

    FailureYour custom action attempts to secure the security.

    configuration section.

    1603 is the error code determined by the command line you are assuming. In this case, 1603 is a generic Windows Installer-specific error code that may require you to check this verbose log file for more details.

    I can’t explain why MSI is returning error 1603, nothing is happening at the moment.

    This article will help you fix error 1603 when installing the Microsoft Windows package installer.

    1603 is a promo error code generated by the command line you specified. In this case, 1603 is actually a generic Windows Installer error code that requires you to look at the main verbose log file for further suggestions.

    Applies to: Windows 10 – all editions
    Original KB number: 834484


    When you try to install the ideal Windows Installer package, you may receive the following error message:


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    Error 1603: A fatal error occurred during installation.

    If you click OK in the message box, your installation will be reset.


    You may receive this error message if one of the following conditions is true:

  • The Windows installer is trying to install software that is already installed on our PC.
  • The folder you are trying to install Windows Setup to is probably encrypted.
  • The drive on which the folder you are looking for was createdThe Windows Installer solution is available as a giant removable disk.
  • The SYSTEM account does not have Full Control permissions to the directory you are trying to include in the Windows Installer package. You see an error message because this Windows Installer uses the SYSTEM account service to install the software.
  • Resolution

    Close background software.Make sure the software is not already installed.Find out which experts claim there is enough hard disk space to create a program.Open the software installationGram as well as a troubleshooter to uninstall.Delete temporary files from Windows Temp folder.Restart the Windows Installer service.

    To solve this problem, use one of the following methods, depending on the cause of the problem:

  • Check if the smartphone application is installed on the PC. If so, uninstall and reinstall some application.

    If you previously had a desktop that you linked the app to, the procedure might have been lost during a specific upgrade to Windows 10. In these cases, the app is most likely installed on the PC, resulting in this error when you try to resolve them reinstall the application. You can come back with a shortcut by searching for a software package, and if it’s found, press and hold (or right-click) someone’s app and choose “Pin” toto begin. Or you can fix the problem by uninstalling and reinstalling the iPhone app. How to find and remove software applications in Windows 10:

    1. On the main panel, select “Settings”.
    2. In Settings > select apps and features for PC.
    3. If the application is listed, select it and then select Remove.
    4. Follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Install the package, which may even contain an unencrypted folder.

    error status 1603 wix

    Use this method if you’re getting an error because you’re trying to explicitly install the Windows Package Installer to an encrypted folder.

  • Install the package on a drive that is literally unavailable as a rescue drive.

    Use this method if you get an error because the drive containing the folder you want to install the Windows Installer package is available as a removable drive.

  • This error usually occurs when you usually try to install an already installed application. Either the entire folder you are trying to install it to is encrypted, or SYSTEM does not have sufficient permissions on a specific drive / folder.

    Give full access to the SYSTEM account.

    error status 1603 wix

    Use this method if your company is receiving an error because the particular SYSTEM account does not have Full Control permissions to A folder that all Windows Installer users belong to.

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    Delete previous database files.Make sure the user account has rights to install the software.Troubleshooting related to the machine.Eliminate common Windows Installer prompts.Don’t forget to kill the relevant processes.