This guide is designed to help you when you receive Event ID 1002 Outlook exe freeze error.

What is your specific version of Outlook and Windows Personal Client? First, make sure you update the client to the latest version.
Did these crashes happen only in Outlook? If so, did this happen under some circumstances (for example, when clients send / receive messages or sync folders)?

A PC user on my domain has a problem once a day

event id 1002 outlook exe hang

Since the problem only occurred with a specific user, has he already taken any action (such as installing programs or possibly add-ons)? And are there any differences between this client and others (Outlook version, Windows version and other programs)?

Based on my check, this problem may be related to the authorization of all anti-virus programs. It is recommended that you close other programs and restart someone else’s client to check if their own version is different.

If the problem persists, we recommend that you restart the Outlook client in safe mode to check (Windows + R> type “Outlook.exe / safe”> type)

If it is still not valid, to check if there are any problems with Outlook and Windows on your end, it is advised to go back to a different Windows profile to check if the client sometimes works there.

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I am seeing a crash related to Outlook 2013. Can someone explain this tool to me and give me a great idea of ​​why this is? I have seen on the internet that it is usually not a problem if everything appears or grows only once, but behold, it comes back several times.

What antivirus software do you type? Try turning it off for a while and after and seewhether it often crashes.

event id 1002
Source ApplicationHang
Description Suspended application% 1, version% 2, embroidery unit% 3, version% 4, draft details 0x% 5. Info Event
indicates that the program completed successfully. The message contains information that the application kernel has stopped responding. The corresponding event with EventID 1001 can also appear in the tree event. If this event matches, information about the specific error that occurred is displayed.
User response:No user action is required.
event id 1002 outlook exe hang

The following newsgroup information is very helpful:
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it turns out that the bucket has about a billion different weights (it’s really difficult to distinguish the parts from each other, unlike mortals, which are to some extent subject to classification Accuracy). All I can suggest is to try launching Outlook without add-ons a few times – at the command prompt, navigate to the location of that Outlook.exe and “Outlook Kind / Safe” in Outlook without launching them. Complements and see if it helps.

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We were in the middle of a major upgrade from Sybase PB5 to PB7 when we noticed that the server our clients were participating on had some flaws, especially when printing (eg 1002 episodes were plugged into the script log). Find out if this issue occurs when using DW Graph or Win Graph objects. Sybase released this tool when PB7.0.3 contains version 10146. Sybase has an end-of-life notification for PB7. You should consider going straight to PB8.
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If you have problems with Outlook, you may also need to uninstall DelrinaFax Pro. This has a lot to do with Outlook issues.
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In some cases, an application that is almost blocked you can just use for one of its components. Example: mmc.exe, the Microsoft Management Console, reports this if your application is simply not available

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