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    You should check out these troubleshooting tips if you see an Event ID 474 error message on your computer.



    event id 474

    In an Exchange Server device, corruption can enter its own database at any time due to various hardware or firmware issues. Problems often occur in the memory subsystem caused by firmware updates, game controller issues, memory upgrades or crashes, etc. This resolves page-level corruption issues in Exchange database files. This could potentially cause a checksum mismatch while reading the page and then log event ID 474 in the Application log using Event Viewer:

    â € ˜Event ID: 474 – Description:
    Information Store “2680” system page count read from file “~ mdbdata priv1.edb” under 4050944 (0x00000000003dd000) for 4096 (0x00001000) bytes, not successfully verified. to the mismatched checksum of the page. ‘

    At this point, you might not be able to start the Exchange Message Transfer Agent (MTA) service on your custom Exchange server. Event ID 474 indicates that a problem in the hard disk subsystem has corrupted your Exchange data source.


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    What To fix this problem and return the database to a positive consistency state, follow the procedure below:

    event id 474

    If you do not have a database backup or if the above procedure does not allow you to complete your Exchange mailbox store, use Stellar Exchange Mailbox Recovery Tool to recover all your lost and invaluable Exchange data. The program recovers corrupted databases and provides itself with files (.EDB) to extract various media and mailboxes and recovers them as native Outlook PST files. It recovers almost all types of email items such as contacts, messages, notes, tasks, calendar entries and journal entries.

    • First, move all user mailboxes to the second Exchange server and un-store the mailbox.
    • To ensure consistency of transactions in your list, you must copy each individual transaction log file to a low-risk location. This will allow your organization to read emails if the backup software can overwrite a large number of these files during recovery.
    • Determine the source of the problem by checking the compatibility of the firmware or by identifying the faulty device in the hard disk subsystem. You should also check your file for system corruption. Try to quickly identify and diagnose problems.
    • Use backup tools to restore your database with a workaround. Make sure that the incentive program does not increase your customer base after the recovery operation. Previous
    • The operation may overwrite the transaction log files. If so, you might want to copy the transaction log files you got from where they were previously saved to my Mdbdata folder.
    • Try redeploying the backup mailbox.
    • >

    event ID 474
    Source ESENT
    Description Database page read from personal file at offset for Bytes validation failed due to page checksum mismatch. The expected checksum was . And the bona fide checksum was . The reading process may fail with an error. If this statement is repeated, please restore the previous backup at the time of the database.
    Event Information These facts and techniques from some newsgroups may help you:
    ——– — – – ——————————————— — – – ————-
    These problems are caused by an incorrect hardware component of the hard disk subsystem or, alternatively, due to proprietary, outdated, or incompatible firmware in the hard disk subsystem.
    1. Error -612 (Jet_errLogReadVerifyFailure) occurs when a checksum error is taken from the log file while copying.
    2. -1018 (JET_errReadVerifyFailure) throws an ugly header error when a checksum error occurs on a database page.
    Error -1018 (JET_errReadVerifyFailure) meets More often than not, the Exchange database has experienced file-intensive system corruption. This error is caused by a problem in the DVD subsystem. A problem with the CD subsystem can be caused by faulty CD drives, outdated or incompatible CD / DVD drive firmware, or outdated or incompatible controller firmware. Too often, this error can be caused by excessive heating of the disk query subsystem components. The Exchange client base can be damaged in three ways:
    A. Bad records are written to saved media.
    c. The data must be recorded in the wrong place on the storage medium in the room.
    c. The damaged or altered data is then written to the data on which the medium is written.
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