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    Over the past few weeks, some of our readers have reported that they have encountered an error with sync error code 500. g.Error response code 500 Internal Server Error HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP) indicates that an unexpected situation occurred on the server that caused the product to not respond to the request. This error response is a common result.



    failed synchronization error code 500

    We just upgraded from 10.4.1 to 10.5.1 and our organization found that syncing with Collector is not working. Updates affect up to the enterprise geodatabase, but do not originate from the arcgis server in the enterprise geodatabase.

    Upon investigation, it was discovered that during the synchronization process, the GP tool is looking in SQL Server for an invalid schema for some of the temporary tables it creates.

    • We have an SDE schema with a geodatabase repository.
    • We have a GISADMIN schema with feature classes
    • ArcGIS Server cost specified as domain server_ArcGIS (OSA – Authentication)
    • Feature classes allow archivingadd

    When we go offline with Collector, replica creation works tiny, and when we sync changes, the best sync error is with a 500 error.

    NOTE. Academic functionality – GIS.GISADMIN.SomePoints – sync not working as expected – ArcGIS Server assigned correct edit permissions

    failed synchronization error code 500

    If we grant ArcGIS Server build rights to the Small Business geodatabase and create a GIS class “Domain server_ArcGIS” .SomePoints, it works as expected. If we configure ArcGIS Server to connect to an enterprise geodatabase as the owner of the schema material (like connecting to a GISADMIN database), everything works as expected.

    This workflow was indeed from 10.1 to 10.4.1 This is – the customer was using it.


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    Note that versioned feature classes work as expected. It’s just a matter of archiving.

    Also note that we have applied the latest SQL Server Permissions Hotfix (10.5.1)

    Has anyone done this? It looks a bit like Biggie A.

    SeveralA few days ago I got a call from one of our customers who tried to do digital sync on their smartphone, but it failed. I tried to figure out the problem and found that buying FolderSync failed in the Exchange ActiveSync session and returned the error “Exchange ActiveSync returned HTTP 500 response (internal server error)”.

    If you keep getting this Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync 500 error, this article is for you. Here I will tell you about the reasons, and below I will try to fix this ActiveSync error.

    Microsoft ActiveSync Exchange Protocol is a real communication tool between Exchange and almost any other device that synchronizes email, contacts, calendars, roles, etc. In fact, Active Sync connects to the device’s SMS server to synchronize data. This way the data is stored in the pages and changes synchronously at the end. However, devices with Active Find Sync have been found to have problems with HTTP error 500. The main cause of these errors is poor device layout. However, the error message states that the gadget was unable to connect to the server, resulting in an error.

    Reasons For This Sync Error

    Reload the site.Clear your personal browser cache.Delete cookies from your browser.Instead, fix the fix as a 504 gateway timeout error.You can also connect to the site at the same time.Come back later.

    SSL (Secure Socket Layer issues): MS Exchange 2010 usually shows errors like this when you have a server with a frontend and you end up using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) and forms based authentication. Can you read more about troubleshooting SSL certificate setup for a dedicated directory?

    Authentication windows disabled by the Exchange Server virtual directory: Authentication windows must be enabled on the primary server virtual directory, otherwise this particular active sync will return an error. This is because Active Sync uses virtual directory ordering to store Outlook Web Access templates as well as WebDavs on the server.

    Users belonging to multiple groups. Users belonging to multiple groups have also removed the step to resolve this issue. This may be because the tokens generated for data synchronization are expected to be larger than the maximum size that is positively granted to them.

    Unassigned permissions. Newer or newer versions X MS Exchange access to a person’s mailbox in Exchange AD may be insufficient for reading and writing. It can also be caused by erroneous inheritance of ACL (Access List) control through Active Directory.

    How To Fix This Sync Error

    • If SSL has always thrown an error, you can create a separate virtual directory that does not require authentication, such as SSL, before backlinks to the server. This will create a temporary connection to the server, but unfortunately has a downside to dealing with threats.
    • Or, you can use Microsoft to use “Metaedit.exe” for the front-end server in addition to the Exchange root activation settings.
    • If token size is the main issue causing the error, the defined maximum token size can be checked using the internal application: Tokensz.exe.

    Note. For primitive versions of Exchange; MaksimThe actual size of the token by default is; 8000 bytes. But for later versions; it started to grow to 12,000 bytes.

    Problems with erroneous ACL cash gifts can be resolved by following these steps:

    • Open Active Directory Users and Computers
    • Go to “View >> Features
    • Right-click the mailbox >> Properties.
    • Go to Security >> Advanced.
    • Verify that the actual Include Inherited Permissions from Parents option is selected.
    • The latest free Microsoft Exchange Remote Content Analyzer is also available to help troubleshoot connectivity issues between the Exchange server and the device.

    Exchange Active Sync HTTP Error 500 can be easily fixed once the root cause has been identified. The section above explains the various possible causes associated with synchronization problems, and also clearly states the various methods to deal with this idea. However, it is strongly recommended that you follow these workarounds carefully, as a misconfiguration can sometimes lead to moretroublesome situations.

    If you still need help, you can always click here for the official Microsoft Exchange Server Troubleshooting Guide.



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